The Front Electric Sustainer (FES) electrical engine now also provides the Discus-2c with an environment-friendly, silent and intuitive to use insurance agains unwanted outlandings. Effortlessly call on incredible performance.

Deliberately abandoning extraction and retraction of the engine saves complex components - and valuable time when engine help is needed.

The glider of choice for routined competition pilots, the outstanding everyday glider for ambitious performance pilots or the demanded single-seater in a gliding club. The Duo-Discus XL is the perfect device for enjoying flights together, whether in syndicates, in the family or in daily gliding club operation. The long tradition of the Discus as the leading Standard Class glider has been taken over and deepened by the Discus-2.

Starting immediately and almost impossible to operate wrongly, this system - in combination with the Discus-2c's perfect control balance and well-known harmonic flight characteristics - provides the ideal solution for both ambitious … This 18m glider combines agile and harmless flight characteristics with gliding performance reserved to open class gliders only a few years ago.

You can redraw your consent to using these cookies at any time. A completely new wing has been designed in close cooperation with Dr. Karl-Heinz Horstmann (wing geometry, profile) and Professor Mark Maughmer (new type of winglet). Discus 2T, 2c & 2cT Standard & 18m T* + FES** Arcus 20m flapped 2 seater T* + M** Duo Discus XL 20m 2 seater* T* Ventus 2ax / 2bx 15m class. Assigns your browser to a session on the server. This enables us to improve ads and website content.

This is all it take to gain height at almost no vibration and minimal engine noise. With 18 meters wing span and more than one additional meter of wing area compared to the Standard Class version, the Discus-2c can be flown at very low wing loads and above-average climbing performance, despite the slightly higher empty weight due to the FES system.

The powered flight is perceived in a very new way and can be enjoyed by puristic glider pilots. While continuously reaching top positions at World Championships, European Championships and Nationals, its pleasant handling has also made it popular as an all-round glider. Thanks to the perfect control balance and the harmonic gliding characteristics, you'll feel comfortable and relaxed the first moment you'll fly a Discus-2c.

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