It’s less than 15 minutes long, but most of it is quite excellent. It is a moving story of The Distinguished Clown Corps that are a treasure to The Parade Company and America’s Thanksgiving Parade presented by Gardner-White in Detroit,  Michigan. Overall it’s a lovely album with a beautifully distinct sound, texture, aesthetic and it’s also got a good degree of filth to it. It’s the kind of music that most people will assume that the musicians were on drugs for all stages of the creation of this song and video.

In practice, a lot of rock and roll, and especially the hillbilly/country style of rock and roll that Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver is a parody of, feels really lacklustre and poor. Google Your Own Death feels like Avril 14th by Apex Twin combined with some rather gay synth thrown in to create an intense build up, the saxophone kicks in too, all before suddenly ending and returning back to the Avril 14th-esque piano with a brief screech of noise at the end of that. Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned was “okay”, but it wasn’t good, and by the time you hit Invaders Must Die everything just sounds the same. The 2020 America’s Thanksgiving Parade® presented by Gardner-White marks the 37th Anniversary of the Distinguished Clown Corps. There’s also Delmax Seefbecq which dives into the realms of pure 12 year old garage band noise. Have you ever listened to country music? Truth and Life feels similarly Nine Inch Nails-esque, but it has the same issue as Google Your Own Death where it feels like something else… more on that later.

It’s like post-golden age Simpsons, they could have stopped – but they didn’t for some bizarre fucking reason. The first 3 songs I’ve already covered, but at the time of writing the rest of the album doesn’t have any videos in their portaloo. The video was uploaded to both Clown Core’s “ClownC0re” channel and also Adult Swim.

Clown Core discography and songs: Music profile for Clown Core. It was this weird mix of saxophones, drums, noise and vintage air horns. Let’s be honest now, The Prodigy haven’t been good since Fat of the Land. There’s also some screaming at the end. The ‘Hell’ video on their own channel has just over a quarter of a million views at the time of writing this; that’s considerably better than the meagre ~20,000 that the Brendan Fraser video had before they blew up. There’s Surreal Cereal which is equally death-like. I think so. Have they finally made it? (or portapotty if you’re American).

But Primus takes the concept of country/rock/hillbilly music, and with Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver, it perfects it, it takes the elements that works and combines them into this wonderful track. Clown Core’s “The Area 51 Snack Bar Sucks” does a similar thing with The Prodigy’s modern music.

There’s also “I ate a luna bar and my dick fell off” which is a lot more 1990s rock-like interlaced with jazz elements and clown horns. Albums include Van, Toilet, and Clown Core. There’s also “Get To Know Me” that’s feels like a parody of soppy romantic rock music, and when the song “drops” it turns into this wall of Clown Core noise. “Google Your Own Leaked Nudes” is very much like just feels like filler and it might be a clever parody of existing pseudo-intellectual stuff, or maybe it isn’t. With “The Area 51 Snack Bar Sucks”, Clown Core takes the ideas of modern The Prodigy where it doesn’t rely on intricate and good sampling like they used to do, and Clown Core have made this wonderful track that I feel is a simulacrum of The Prodigy’s modern stuff – but in a good way – like with Primus’s Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver, it only takes the good elements.

“The Area 51 Snack Bar Sucks” is a nice Prodigy-esque track, but it feels very modern The Prodigy-like in the same way that Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver by Primus feels like rock and roll. It’s got the wonderful energy of a Casiopea track from the 80s. A lot of KNOWER’s stuff gives off a similar vibe to Chairlift. I’d like to see Clown Core do something with Death Grips, though that probably won’t happen. The Power Behind The Paint is a documentary short that is a Graduate Masters Thesis Produced and Directed by Lena Antoon at Wayne State University. Periodically you have the vintage air horn making some noise and you have the pop up of an image of Brendan Fraser, and also some death metal-esque screaming, and this was before the whole “just fuck my shit up” meme about Brendan Fraser. Louis Cole has a band called ‘KNOWER’ which he does with a lady called Genevieve Artadi. Overall apart from the obvious filler – I like it. The musicians that make up Clown Core – saxophone clown and drummer clown – clearly know exactly what they’re doing. I feel like this track is poking fun at music dorks who think that repetitive tracks like this with little payoff and meant to be “deep”, “artistic”, and “meaningful”; as everyone knows though those tracks are just silly; but Clown Core have taken that concept and turned it into an actual statement. A little whilst later “Toilet” appeared, definitely with more Death Grips inspiration to it. Finally there’s “Buy This Album” which feels like a Muzak track by Jean-Jacques Perrey. A long time ago I discovered this bizarre and weird band called Clown Core. “Softcore Viewing Party” seems weird and lackluster at first, but I think it’s more of a piss-take/deconstruction of Kraftwerk and it’s muddled kraut rock influences. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Elliott, Studio A • Detroit, MI 48211, America’s Thanksgiving Parade presented by Gardner-White, Pancake Breakfast presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan.

So I mostly forgot about them, only occasionally going back to the Brendan Fraser music video. It is with this track “Mean It” and many others by Louis Cole that you can see the influence on Clown Core’s new tracks like ‘Google Your Own Death’ and ‘Truth and Lie’.

You only have to look at the faces of the children to know when the Distinguished Clowns are coming down Woodward Avenue!

To me, ‘Hell’ is feels influenced by Death Grips. We have reached the point I was meaning when I said “more on that later”. ( Log Out / 


Clearly this new track is the same old Clown Core but with a much better degree of production quality.

Genres: Experimental Rock, Electronic, Jazz-Rock. After this has come “Witch Pussy” which isn’t intense, it’s just a repetitive loop of clown horns, the beat of a drum and the saxophone. View all posts by coffeewaffee. It’s this light synthy funk with a kickass drum beat.

For more information on becoming a Distinguished Clown, please contact, 9500 Mt.

It all began with business leaders Tom Adams, then chief executive of Campbell-Ewald, and Walter McCarthy, then chief executive of Detroit Edison, who served as the spark in creating a way for leadership to become personally involved with The Parade Company.

Another video is “Pizza Party” where they play a Yakety sax whilst a video of some kids enjoying a pizza at a park bench plays on the green screen behind them, all whilst the clowns chant “PIZZA PARTY” and the song turns into this heavy bass doom tirade.

Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. It’s this strange simulacrum of what that genre/style of music should sound like. Each September, the Clown Corps committee also hosts its annual Distinguished Grand Jester’s Reception to kick-off parade season with all veteran clowns and potential new members. ( Log Out /  Hey, KNOWER did a song with Jack Conte and Natly Dawn’s Pomplamoose. I look forward to any future projects by Clown Core, KNOWER, Louis Cole, Sam Gendel and their friends. It’s mostly god-awful. It feels like they’ve actually made a song this time. Change ), Recording Deus Ex 1 footage in the modern age. Now, about some of the tracks not feeling like Clown Core. They truly are a Parade favorite and shining jewel throughout the season.

Check out the video on YouTube here! ( Log Out / 

“You Have Cankles” echoes a similar vibe with a slight boogiewoogie twist, with this nice jazz piece thrown in. I didn’t really like it, but it makes sense if… more on that later. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  They’re musicians.

This was filmed in what looks like the part of the kitchen that only porters like to inhabit. My first experience was the video titled “brendan fraser – clown core”, it had two guys in jumpsuits, creepy clown masks and blinking lights. My first experience was the video titled “brendan fraser – clown core”, it had two guys in jumpsuits, creepy clown masks and blinking lights. Let’s look at the album, titled: “Toilet”. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. It’s very “les claypool’s airbrushed drawings”-esque. A long time ago I discovered this bizarre and weird band called Clown Core. Who knows!?

But – and this is a relatively large but – I don’t think any drugs were involved in the making of any clowncore music.

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