Characters: CJ Cregg, Toby Ziegler, Andrea Wyatt, Sam Seaborn, Josh Lyman, OFC Disclaimer: Not mine. I agree with Schiff. As the self-proclaimed Batman and Robin of speech writing, these two had each other's backs in the political world and in the written word.

If she's not ranting about characters who deserved better or typing away at one of her many fan fiction epics, she's probably asleep. The show's stars — Bradley Whitford (“Josh Lyman”), Richard Schiff (“Toby Ziegler"), Dulé Hill (“Charlie Young”), Joshua Malina (“Will Bailey”), Janel Maloney (“Donna Moss”), Melissa Fitzgerald (“Carol Fitzpatrick”), along with creator and executive producer Aaron Sorkin — recently sat down with TODAY at the ATX Television Festival in Austin, Texas. I think Toby is a largely misunderstood character, because his outer shell, the mask he wears when facing the outside world, is so tough. Deep down, Toby is a good guy, intelligent and serious and loyal. Who would President Bartlet endorse in the wild and crazy world of the 2016 presidential election? ( Log Out /  Both men were strongly opinionated, and even in moments of clear political success and celebration, they managed to find things to disagree about. But what did Sorkin think of the show's later seasons? CJ knows that she has compromised, but she has only bent and never broken. That’s your chief of staff.” From day one, the relationship between President Jed Bartlet and Chief of Staff Leo McGarry was the beating heart of The West Wing as a whole. Tags: cj-cregg, josiah-bartlet, leo-mcgarry, toby-ziegler, sam-seaborn Available in Plus Size T-Shirt Save the executive producer's life. Toby Zachery Ziegler (Richard Schiff) Claudia Jean (CJ) Cregg (Allison Janney) ... Can someone just give me a little back round info on the CJ/Toby relationship in case I've missed something somewhere? Toby would never in 10 million years have betrayed the president in that fashion [in the seventh series, Toby is indicted for leaking classified information]. In season one, Toby is introduced as an intelligent, sharp, sarcastic man. It is suggested he was covering for his ex wife in an ep of season 7. Most noticeably, he leaked classified information to the press in season seven. The show soldiered on in Sorkin's absence for 3 more years, with new characters, dramatic plot lines, and a presidential election. Sam considers Toby his favorite writer, and Toby wanted to be there at Sam's side when his political campaign inevitably ended in failure.

They have a scene together where it is implied and toby tells her the kids need her. Schiff disliked the storyline. That, at least, made sense to me.”, So, who was Toby covering for? Toby respects people, and this man, who is a veteran, especially. They were disappointed in him.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Even when they were butting heads with one another, given their mutual stubborn streaks, Jed and Leo always had each other's best interests at heart - and loved each other, without question. RELATED: The West Wing: 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes.

According to the website, character assassination or character derailment occurs: “When an established character becomes largely different, exhibiting behavior contrary to what has been previously shown.

However, it was not warm enough to keep the man alive. So, let’s begin by looking at the character traits of Toby in the beginning of the series. Change ). Toby’s character was, from the beginning, a study in contradictions. Bernie Sanders? What took so long? Mrs. Landingham knew Jed when he was nothing more than a teen in a prestigious private school, and she always knew how to call him on his bluffs and make him stand up for what he believed in.

“I was sad for the show,” he says. After a brief moment of anger, he takes the news of the President’s illness remarkably well and offers support to his friends in trying times. Few friends in the series were as unflinchingly loyal and completely devoted to one another as longtime coworkers and glorified work spouses CJ Cregg and Toby Ziegler were. I control myself all the time around you. ( Log Out /  Unfortunately, scriptwriting genius Aaron Sorkin left The West Wing after season four.

It's not always true that the longest relationships are the most important or healthiest ones in a series. She's been living in a galaxy far, far away since she was 11 years old, though she makes the occasional stop in Themyscira, Hawkins, and Westeros - and she wouldn't have it any other way.

Aaron Sorkin has never seen the later seasons of 'The West Wing'. Josh and Donna should have gotten together a lot sooner. Toby: “We’re a group. Through his years of service as Jed's Personal Aide, Charlie became almost like a son to the President, earning a rightful place in his list of loved ones and family members long before Charlie even began dating First Daughter Zoey Bartlet.

We celebrate and we mourn together.

Sorkin took David's advice and admits that watching those later seasons would have felt like "watching somebody make out with my wife.". You’re my guys and I’m yours, and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you.”.

Toby: “I’m not sad.” “I don’t think I should ever reveal that.”. You bring the sadness home with you and you’re — sad.” The Broadway phenomenon 'Hamilton' owes a debt to 'The West Wing', Who is the biggest "West Wing" fan of all? As it turns out, Toby donated the coat to goodwill. His grumpiness is off-putting to strangers but endearing to his colleagues, who are also his close friends. If the twists and turns of the 2016 election have you longing for a time when you could turn on your TV to see high-minded political debate, you might be thrilled to learn that the cast of "The West Wing" recently reunited! Even if he had, there would have been seven episodes’ worth of fights before he did it… In the end, the only way I could make sense of my story was to come up with my own story – that Toby was covering for someone else. Allison Janney and Dulé Hill played off one another with the kind of comedic timing only natural to true comedians and gifted actors, which made all of their scenes together guaranteed to stand out as some of the funniest the series had to offer. These two men went through it all together: health scares and public scandals, failed marriages and struggling home lives, and one brutal political campaign after another. Sometimes, the best kinds of friendship are the ones that feel like they might as well be family. What’s next?! Rather than gradually changing in response to events and experiences, a derailed character will exhibit shockingly unusual behavior that implies malfeasance or incompetence on the part of the writers.”. He is respectful of his superiors, Leo McGarry and President Bartlet, to the point of personal inconvenience. This uncharacteristic behavior was explained as a kind of Edward Snowden-like bid for freedom of speech.

Virtually nothing within the world of The West Wing would have been possible without the friendship between longtime best friends Josh Lyman and Sam Seaborn. Source material: Based on The Truth About Her Life by andchimeras. Here, we take a look at how they all compare. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), The Character Assassination of Toby Ziegler, The Character Assasination Of Dean Forester – Findings Of A Frenzied Fangirl, What I Read in 2019 (and some thoughts on failure).

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