There are no longer any old traditions that are carried out. We'll take you to Jamaica and also we'll go to Cuba and Puerto Rico, discovering some typical wedding traditions on the way. After a Dutch wedding, the couple plants lily-of-the-valley in their garden so that they can renew their love for one another every year when the plant blooms. The doll will have mementos and souvenirs pinned to it and guests will pin money onto the doll, King Attarney Wins ‘Canada Rumble’ Sound Clash. She has experience working for Sky Vision Enterprises and she is interested in topics concerning history and culture. They will handle design and venue bookings and decoration, photography, entertainment, marriage license details and catering. A traditional rum-flavored wedding cake is hidden from guests with a fine white table cloth, where wedding guests have to pay for a small peek. However the couple’s families provide them with their food and some take the opportunity to deliver advice on married life: a woman learns how to satisfy her husband, a man is told how to make his wife happy. People usually dance, eat and drink until the end of the night and on some islands, they start again the next day! The cakes are carried by married women but the bride should not see the cakes and they are well covered with a white cloth for the occasion. At Jamaican weddings, the cakes are often carried on a long walk throughout the village and surrounding villages. Variety is the spice of life affirms an old proverb, and the Caribbean seems to be the very impersonation of it. The only cake served at a wedding in the Caribbean is the ‘black cake’. Tradition dictates that this fruit cake (fruits are soaked in rum and wine for at least six months) When baked it is more like a plum pudding – all fruits are melted in the batter (a different feel, taste and texture of the American fruit cake). Each island has its own rules and regulations for marriage requirements and legal licenses.

The wedding cake is a huge cake with a traditional recipe passed down from generation to generation. Invitations to the wedding ceremony are usually personal, through word-of-mouth. Another wedding tradition in Puerto Rico is a bridal doll, dressed like the bride and covered with favors, known as “capias”, decorated with the bride and groom’s names and date of the wedding. There’s usually a lot of music and dance but also a lot of rum in a Caribbean wedding: even the wedding cake is soaked in this delicious drink. View this post on Instagram From the moment they started getting ready until the very end, Shaq’s bridesmaids (aka THE @BrideHive ) supported Shaq & were FORMATION every step of the way, including as they prepared Shaq to see Drew ?? Whilst many Caribbean weddings borrow from traditional western customs and traditions, the unique combination of African and European cultures give the islands a flavor all their own when it comes to wedding traditions. The women of the family pass down the recipe to each new generation. If it falls on the ground and break into pieces, your husband will cheat on you throughout your marriage. Often the first wedding reception is held in the family home of the groom and the second in the house of the bride's parents. A similar custom occurs in the Netherlands Antilles, except the couple plants a lily-of-the-valley. ‘Afro-Caribbean wedding are about close friends and family getting together to celebrate the couples big day with food, music, entertainment and gifts. In the Caribbean, wedding cakes are mainly made of the typical fruits of the islands, lots of dried fruits and alcohol.

The bride might have a new dress for her wedding if her family can afford the fabric. Caribbean culture – Caribbean languages, religions, festivals, art forms, values, customs, sports, and other forms of self-expression – is dynamic. Food served at the reception is usually fresh fish and produce, sweets, and curried meat. It is customary for the bride and groom to dress in their best clothes and walk through the village. The reception party is a lively event filled with loud music, dancing, toasts, food, and gifts, that tends to go all night. The result is a colorful celebration slightly personalized by each Caribbean island.

The guests give gifts to the couple: this is often handicrafts and furniture for their home. The mix of ethnicities and cultures of the island was responsible for many great inventions that we today take for granted so are reggae music, rum and Cuban cigars. The bride will arrange a hen party and the groom will arrange a stag before the wedding, at which time the couple spend time with close friends and family to enjoy their late moments of single life.

All guests at the reception dance, eat and drink until the end of the night. A wedding reception in the Caribbean often offers free-flowing rum punch and local dance is at the heart of the party. For this reason, many couples come to the Caribbean islands from all corners of the globe to be married. Like most islands in the Caribbean, weddings in Jamaica bring together the wedding guests but also the villagers who can help out with cooking, decorations, making the bride's dress or preparing drinks. The traditions … Home > Travel > Wedding traditions in the Caribbean. The bride and groom get dressed in their nicest clothes and stroll the whole village in their way to the church. Not only is Jamaica a beautiful backdrop for the ultimate summer wedding, but its culture is filled with unique wedding traditions. ‘Afro-Caribbean wedding are about close friends and family getting together to celebrate the couples big day with food, music, entertainment and gifts. On the menu at a traditional wedding in the Caribbean are very spicy dishes and a lot of fried food like meat fritters or fried fish, and fruit-based recipes. They serve the cake with a rum sauce that sits in a crock pot with dried fruits for several weeks prior to the wedding. But even if you’re not planning a Caribbean island I … CARIBBEAN WEDDING TRADITIONS Every man who dances with the new bride pins money to the bride’s dress to help with honeymoon expenses.

Caribbean culture – Caribbean languages, religions, festivals, art forms, values, customs, sports, and other forms of self-expression – is dynamic. The Caribbean wedding traditions are really interesting and exciting due to the fact that many Caribbean islands follow the wedding traditions of the Americans while the others create a peculiar blend of the African and European cultures which is typically Caribbean and could be found nowhere in the world. It is also fashionable to hold a wedding reception on the beach for Cuban families who can afford it. Caribbean wedding traditions. However, African influences are also present in wedding ceremonies alongside Anglo-Saxon traditions, including the jumping the broom ceremony (pictured right).

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