Her updated look has black bead eyes, thicker eyebrows, freckles, and a rounder nose. Lil' or Little Cassie and Rita comic picture. Originally, Cassie had sclera eyes and red lipstick and wore a tank top. It's possible he is a alien robot because he repeatedly claims he's from another planet. Not only does he work with Tim, but he is also friends with a lot of other humans. Rita appears to be of East Asian descent and was initially seen as a teenage girl with a rather pointed head and chin-length jet-black hair that has a red hairclip on her left side. Tim is a teenage boy and the main character of the series.

Cassie Burton is a teenage girl educator for BrainPOP. But she does like Tim secretly. Conducting an Interview: Moby Olsen (based on Jimmy Olsen). Rita appears to be of East Asian descent and was initially seen as a teenage girl with a rather pointed head and chin-length jet-black hair that has a red hairclip on her left side.

She tends to be more intelligent and mature than Cassie, who also is her best friend. He can become pregnant and give birth to small versions of himself.

A fire shooter in his hand in the fire epsoide. Roller skating wheels in his feet, as seen in a BrainPOP ESL episode and a episode about Newton's laws of motion. As shown in the Pasteurization episode, Moby has a device in his finger to check if milk has gone bad. Tim likes her too. Rita is a teenage girl who appears in the FYI section (also making cameos in a few episodes) of BrainPOP.

In Biography, an autobiography written by Moby has his name as 'Moby Calrissian', and in Lewis and Clark, a film Moby is in says 'Starring Moby Calrissian'. Benjamin “Ben” - Pansexual, Hispanic and of Arabian descent Her updated look has black bead eyes, thicker eyebrows, freckles, and a rounder nose.

Moby.png Moby Calrissian (as a movie director), Von Robot (as a bank teller) or Olsen (as a reporter) is an orange brown robot that helps Tim, his best friend, answer important questions in BrainPOP episodes as well as Cassie and Rita. She helps young girls in girl's health like periods and some mental health videos. She also wears a T-shirt instead of a tank top.

They appear as the main cast for a few episodes. He is a problem solver in the topic Fire.

Her face becomes rounder and her ears are now visible.

Her best friend is Rita, and the guest star and/or are mentioned in some BrainPOP videos, as well as appear in the FYI section.

She is seen waving a bell, dressed as a turkey, and standing beside a stand that says "Turkeys have feelings too!" At first, her voice was a little low like that of a fully matured woman, but later, recent versions of her now have her speak in a teenage voice.

Others include Cassie and Rita.

Moby, Cassie, Bruiser, Crusher, Tim, Rita, and Little Jimmy in, Lil' or Little Cassie and Rita comic picture. Standard and Scientific Notation/Transcript, https://brainpop.fandom.com/wiki/Cassie?oldid=36071. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She wears square-shaped glasses, a pink shirt with a white cat in the middle, and orange jeans.

red hairclip. Being a robot, he has many features built into him. Natalia “Nat” - Lesbian, African-American.

A USB chip in his ear that stores a replica of himself that can communicate. Other recurring characters are Cassie and Rita, two of Tim's friends who appear in many "Mysteries of Life" videos, along with having a series of their own.

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