Blue in Green is an unusual tune. I must admit that I find it hard to stick to this but I can see its benefits.

I have a simple question In the fourth bar does the F7B9 chord falls on the fourth beat of the measure?And the D note in the melody falls down in the third beat of the measure?I’m playing tunes with counting to (myself 1 and 2 and)… in order to a better natural feeling for rhythm, I found out that counting to my self verbally to be very efficient way to feel the rhythm. Thanks, I have added a new download containing the exact, I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson and yes the inner voice movement is a beautiful device that we can use in left hand voicings and also 2 handed voicings, check out this lesson where we explore inner voice movement over major, minor, and dominant chords:, UK & Europe: +44 808 196 2012 Going to check that out..this one was a busy só i m more slow than before lol.. bit i m taking action again. Although the composer’s credit went to Davis on the album, the piece was actually composed by pianist Bill Evans (The Miles Davis estate has acknowledged this fact). 18 G7(b9“4) B¨7(#11) A‹7 F©‹11 C‹ (dorian) C©7[åÁ] C7[áÆ] B7[åÁ] B¨7(#5) Pno. A‹7(b5) A¨7(#11) C‹7(b5) F©7 G7(#11) D¨7(#11)C‹(“4)B‹(“4) F7(“4)B¨Œ„Š7 D¨ B7 22 Pno. Learn and memorise the altered voicings covered in this tutorial. Even better using a metronome because then there is no room for human error! Minedit is a social online encyclopedia, which is currently in its beta stage. Yes the chords have Bill Evans written all over them, perhaps Miles had some say in the melody.

The chords have Bill written all over them. Could you upload the lead sheet used in the video please? The 10-measure form is much shorter than most jazz standards and so it’s repeated numerous times in a performance. Ask questions and get instant replies from our team of teachers. Beautiful! There are some unusual voicings and big stretches which can feel uncomfortable when first starting out with this tune. you can imply a tonality or chord with just one or 2 notes. I was thinking that we can create an official whatsap group for all members of the comunity!That would be really cool.What i dont know if that Idea is compatíble with an online bussiness .It would be great for instant interaction, vídeos ,áudios knowledge or something to look quicky when we are waiting for something in our daily busy lives ..The problem is that a whatsap group can easly get out of control só it would need some good administrators. Miles claims in his auto-biography that he wrote all of the tunes on Kind […] The F7b9 chord falls on the 3rd beat of the bar. Your email address will not be published. That would give you a better understanding of how the tune is commonly played. A final note is that playing accurately at slow tempos with a metronome is harder than fast tempos. That’s awesome to hear Adam! Minedit itself does not host any PDF files and only redirects to other sites that host PDFs. Thanks for the great comment , Eliane Elias plays a stunning arrangement on Something for you, her Bill Evans tribute album. Many of the real books reference Miles as the author and so I included here it for easy reference. Olso it was interesting what you did there at the 14.50 minute.Playing a chord to sound like a rootless voicing..That one caught my atention !Só the trick is to play Both the root and the 7 with a minor second interval ? The idea is that we become completely ‘calibrated’ with the click.

Because the form just contains 10 measures, it is usually repeated many times in a performance. Blue in Green is a wonderful jazz standard written by none other than Miles Davis and was the third tune on Miles’ Kind of Blue album which was recorded in 1959. Check out this tutorial next Ivan: The melodic minor is an exotic sounding scale and the modes of the melodic minor are used extensively in jazz improvisation.

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