With DRM in place on all the software we purchase and use, we must ask if we really own that software after purchasing it.

The riaa have made 26000 lawsuits in 5 years. This directly impacts revenue of artists and creators and even adversely affects advertisers. Mainly because they lose out on profit of content they have ownership to. How does the Copyright infringement have ties in with the technology itself? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. In what situation do you think makes a property “illegal” if let’s say a song has some originality but mixed in with someone else’s beats or lyrics? With this ability in all computers, copying and storing links to copy and distribute a book or music file is brought into question of copyright protection for the users who hold them. This to me is unfathomable. And if so, why haven’t they already?

( Log Out /  Wow we have gotten to copyright laws the ever permanent problem with technology being so advanced. No matter what they do, there is always a way for users to get around it while hiding behind the consititution whiel the record lables try to make claims on their property. They claimed that she owed upwards to a million dollars for stolen property. Chapter 6: Balance Toppled: Who Owns the Bits? Wouldn’t it be the same as a patent to a new invention? Later the case was dismissed when the IRAA couldn’t produce any factual evidence. Because this essentially labels anyone not connected to the internet a malicious user. I’ll be perfectly honest here, I am a big PC gamer, a big limitation of gaming on a PC is that your never really sure if a game will run well on a computer, because of this I have downloaded many games that i didn’t pay for to make sure it will run well first so i don’t blow $60 dollars on a game i cant even play. If we somehow lose the ability to get by that DRM to access the software, either by losing a key or say, Servers that manage that DRM going down, we’re left with useless bits. Due to this, studios were losing profit along with record label companies with inconvenient methods led to a massive downfall in their sales as well, considering that many people are downloading songs that are the exact copy from the original instead of buying CD’s. From the previous chapters, we learn that everything is stored as bits, and will be able to be recovered some way or another. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print Page|Powered By Google Sites, One Point that I found interesting about copyright protection is how in 1984, Sony was sued by the Motion Pictures, of America because they thought that the VCR was breaking their copyright because it provided a machine that could easily let anyone copy their movies, and compared the VCR to the Boston, . The war over copyright and the Internet has been escalating for more than 15 years. copyright has been changed alot by the internet. of copying and sharing copyrighted information. I know that I’ve downloaded music before without paying for it, but there are just so many ways to download said music files that the companies responsible don’t even appear to try anymore. I mean their will be some way others find to make more pathways to download free content should people just stop trying to stop it. The other issue for record lables are that home recording equipment is getting much more sophisiticated, making home recording a much more profitable business.

With computers, it became incredibly easy to illegally obtain music, games, art, movies, books, and more by seeking out versions of these articles that had been encoded into bits and stored on accessible servers. Copyright laws have existed for a long time but with the creation of the internet, the protection of these rights have become incredibly difficult. Me personally i think that musicians (mainly) will have the most trouble with this, but also movie makers and so forth…. A well-known example of this is the time in 1984, where Sony was accused and sued for the VCR machine, which allowed was breaking a copyright rule because it provided an exact copy of a movie. Chapter 6. With a great multitude of people constantly trying to get some free stuff should the companies even try any more. This means that multiple people can have the same file hosted, so there is no one central server that authorities can eliminate to prevent copyright infringement and piracy.

Personally I think that the record labels have lost the war on protecting their music and need to revamp their whole business. The companies actually force the program not to unlock for the user if they are not connected to their server. Program code is stored on the computer’s Dynamic Random Access Memory or DRAM. Start studying Blown to Bits Chapter 6. Previous file-sharing set-ups failed because of copyright issues. Chapter 6 focuses on copyright and technology competition. Do you think this is right for them to do this?

collect files at a central computer for people to download, a system of sharing that minimizes the need for fine-grained property restrictions, each computer in a file-sharing network maintains a list of other computers in the network, a type of network in which each workstation has equivalent capabilities and responsibilities, the unauthorized use or reproduction of another's work, an application that lets you encrypt files in such a way that they can be decrypted only on particular computers that you specify, unrestricted access and unrestricted reuse, a set of licenses that allow creators to communicate which rights they reserve, and which rights they waive for the benefit of recipients or other creators, limited use of copyrighted material without having to first get permission from the copyright holder, Digital Millennium Copyright Act - US copyright law that criminalizes production and dissemination of technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works, a legal right that grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution, when the allocation of resources and workload are distributed to individual devices on a network, when the resources and workload are coordinated and managed by a centralized computer (server). Computers cannot run programs stored on disk without copying the program code to memory. As we all know even by first hand experience the illegal download of content is a major problem faceing industries today. It talks a lot about the NET act. Another one is the DMCA or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Why should all Internet users be aware of copyrighted material? One Point that I found interesting about copyright protection is how in 1984, Sony was sued by the Motion Pictures Association of America because they thought that the VCR was breaking their copyright because it provided a machine that could easily let anyone copy their movies, and compared the VCR to the Boston Strangler. The RIAA wants to combat piracy and make people pay for the crimes they commit, but sometimes, the person in question may have had their computer infected with malware that led to the illegal operations occurring in the background without their knowledge.

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