I think I’m going to name her Zephyr <3, it's worth mentioning that I am not a GoT fan, and do not watch the show or read the books, Ghost just kinda named himself and I rolled with it, and he has an orange swirled tail with a white tip at the end, which you can't see very easily in the photo, the person I bought him from had no idea how rare this coloration is, which worked out for me since I got him for $40 and not $400, the most beautiful and mesmerizing fur patterns and pigmentation are found in coyotes, they are a delight to examine and im obsessed with mine, i like to spend time laying on the floor and looking up at them and just....taking in the complexities of each banded hair, now if only she didn't smell like playdoh, i've gotten 2 other yotes from this seller and GOD, it's not like super bad and it airs out eventually but it's really strong at the beginning lol. It grew today by one in the form of this absolutely stunning coyote girl. For instance, the beautiful white black-spotted furs worn by affluent women in Russia is supporting the market for top end Western bobcats. labradorite-skulls. Search: Fur Hats. "drink your juice"--wher are your inane thoughts emitted from? Asking $85 SHIPPED FOR THIS ONE! They're not wantonly wasted. Yeah, Shelby does some of the best tanning around. We were looking for trim for our coats and other projects we have to match up with... this is the answers we were looking for,.. great value and price. These technologies are used for things like interest based Etsy ads. , Brindle coydog came in today! I’m excited to get em in! Get the best deals on Tanned Coyote Pelts when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Wow! She has really tiny ears and her legs are two different sets of colors! or Best Offer. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. This little yote makes for a good practice pelt. About one in 4000 coyotes are black or blackish in color, XXXXL, 44-46" long plus tail, dark grayish/black color, some reddish hairs in neck & tail area, super heavy winter fur; cased, ears cut away. The tan is good. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. I was truly excited to FINALLY add a new & BEAUTIFUL coyote pelt to my collection!! some of that stitch has come apart to make a 3 inch hole. Really, you would almost have thought them to be wolves and there were theories that they had somehow interbred. When I lived and worked in New England there were several different (apparently, at least by eyeballing them) types of coyotes. Her pink nose is my favorite. 8 watching. tan is strong, but some fur is coming through the back also. also squish, i can provide further pictures if requested (chat&inbox open). My only (slight) reservation was that for the open style cut and the very large sized I ordered, it wasn’t as wide as I thought it’d be....still, quite a nice specimen. That would depend on the context of the photo. A while back, I made a post asking if people wanted to see some of my pelts, since I work with animal spirits as a kind of separate practice from my main religious activities (although Haides does have some involvement there), and there was some interest, so I’m going to start introducing a few of my favorite animals. Scraping the hide is labor intensive and several specialized materials are required. Most tanneries work that way. I've talked to plenty of people who just want the coyotes gone from their property, or who shoot them and remove the ears/tail for the bounty. It's awesome that the folks you know actually do something with the pelts. I had actually written a personal request for a nice, mostly grey eatern pelt with "just a bit of reddish coloring" to compliment my more golden, western pelt. As is their custom, my Northern Coyote pelt arrived right on time and gosh he..is..GORGEOUS!! He’ll be going up on my Etsy shop in a few days but wanted to allow anyone here to grab him up for a discounted price. (Thoughts? Nice fully furred belly; mix of gray, white, black hairs. Dec 4, 2014 - True North Furs has over 40 years of fur grading experience, and we are able to guarantee that our custom-made fur products are of the highest quality available.

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