Also good: Kitfo (raw or lightly cooked beef); doro wat; beef tibs. Also good: Guacomole with grilled pineapple; short-rib burrito; barbacoa tacos; carnitas tacos; tacos al pastor; lychee margarita. Also good: Meatball sliders; mozzarella garlic bread; penne with sausage, eggplant, and ricotta; Italian cold-cut sandwich. Japanese izakayas are becoming the faux speakeasies of our time—hipper, pricier versions of neighborhood pubs—but you won’t find $14 cocktails and one-bite snacks at this lantern-lit dining room. Ann Limpert joined Washingtonian in late 2003.

Also good: Ricotta dip with crostini; Caesar salad; burger with provolone and cheddar; Orso di Fumare pizza, with smoked tomato, roasted peppers, sausage, and scallions; Diavola pizza, with pepperoni; citrus-glazed doughnuts with Nutella cream. It’s the consistency of the cooking and the quality across the board—the bright, popping salads; the delicate, crunchy crepes; and the clay pots of meats and fishes that somehow manage to hit every pleasure center of your brain at once. We wrote it down in our reservation, and they brought it up themselves with no reminder! The red-tiled beauty that anchors this narrow dining room is the Maserati of wood-fired pizza ovens. It’s prettier, too, on the plate—but that doesn’t mean much if the kitchen can’t keep pace with the atmospherics. If you’re tired of the ultrathin, sparely appointed Neapolitan pies that everyone and his nonna seem to be pulling out of pizza ovens, get yourself to Frank Linn’s cozy Kensington place.

Our server was incredibly friendly and attentive. And this one can. These 10 unique restaurants in Washington DC will not only give you a delicious meal, but also an unforgettable experience. See what other restaurants made our 2016 Cheap Eats list.

You need a place that fits your entire group, isn’t too expensive for your friend in grad school, and has at least a dozen sparklers to decorate the cake you had custom-made in the shape of your face. 2020 © The Infatuation Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tapas are a good idea for a large group, and few places in the city do them better than Jaleo. The pizza dough is wisely repurposed for excellent calzones and sandwiches, which deliver the crunch of a grill-pressed Cubano. 4000 Wilson Blvd., Arlington; 703-465-1100. With its ornate chandeliers, starched tablecloths, and paprika-red valances, this 125-seat dining room is among the biggest, and most opulent, settings on this list.

Great food, great service, great atmosphere! Classic Indian cooking in a contemporary setting. Or opt for the stuff in its purest form—the staffers behind the Carrara-marble bar will help you put together just the right cheese board.

!” more, “I just wanted to thank the FloatBoat360 Team for making things right this year after a mishap at their previous location. (Just try not to pluck off all the nickel-size coins of piquant pepperoni while the pie is cooling.) We were welcomed by a very kind young…” more, “ ended up getting stuck in a rain storm and spent over 2 hours waiting for it to pass with a toddler who was done with the day. If it’s Sunday, go for a communal platter of soy-brined fried chicken served with biscuits and kimchee.

The sushi menu also holds unusual finds—abalone, sea eel—though there’s nothing wrong with sticking to more familiar staples: miso-marinated cod, ramen packed with toothsome noodles, and sushi and sashimi plates that are artfully arranged like flower bouquets, and just as colorful. Rich, funky Taleggio gives a cheesesteak a luxe upgrade, while goat Gouda and Asiago go into a superb breadcrumb-topped mac. At Cheestique you can try an assortment of delicious cheeses. The pies are constructed on excellent foundations: a bright and sweet tomato sauce, tangy slices of fresh mozzarella, and a crust (cooked quickly in the custom-built wood-fired oven from Italy) that hovers between chewy and crispy. Also good: Goulash; trout salad; crepes with marmalade. But the best half dozen or so dishes—including vermicelli with chili-peanut sauce and crispy rice cakes with ground chicken—seduce you with complex, exhilarating tastes that never stint on heat or sourness. 2020 © The Infatuation Inc. All Rights Reserved. What to do? The seven-vegetable combination plate makes for a wonderful share.

Also good: Bhel puri; lamb seekh kebab; tandoori prawns; shrimp jalfrezi; Peshwari naan. The rice here is textbook, each grain distinct and slicked with oil; so are the beans, delivered in an inky simmered soup that sings of garlic and oregano. Also good: Vinaigrette salad with potatoes, beets, and beans; Fish Under Coat (a layered herring salad); manti (steamed lamb dumplings); pelmeni (ground-beef dumplings). Here he makes a sturdier, chewier crust, which is subjected to a good amount of char in the brick oven he built himself. Don’t see your city? But it’s the smart comfort food from chef—and Next Food Network Star also-ran—Alex McCoy that’s worth crossing town for. From large private parties to small semi-private meals, contact a restaurant and book your room in a few simple clicks at one of Washington D.C.'s birthday party venues. Takeout. 1000 N. Randolph St., Arlington; 571-312-4086. With its clever cocktails and $5 shots of cinnamon-infused whiskey, this bilevel hangout has fast become the drinking spot of choice for many Bloomingdale locals. 11407 Amherst Ave., Wheaton; 301-942-0075. Many are even cheaper on the happy-hour menu, weekdays from 5 to 7. The customer service was unbeatable and felt comfortable the whole time.

This Bloomingdale Italian restaurant serves excellent food at not-outrageous prices. (Try it as part of a thali, a generous sampler that comes with rice and yogurt sauce.) Sponsored Results . This guide is here to help. It’s just one of many promising signs at this corner Japanese restaurant. 2/15/19 - By Christine Mooney. ), tartare, charcuterie and a filet with foie gras (might've been a special” more, “I wouldn't feel right giving a Micheline star restaurant less than 5 stars and even thought the experience and most of the food WAS 5 stars, not all of the dishes are on their own. 11 New and Upcoming DC-Area Bars for Tasty Drinks, It’s Been a Really Brutal Week for DC Restaurant Closures, Bloomingdale Pub Boundary Stone Will Close on November 25, Get an Uncooked Turkey From These DC-Area Restaurants This Thanksgiving, Where to Find Election-Themed Food and Drink Specials Around DC, The White House Has Become a Militarized Island in Downtown DC. It’s tempting to order tender aushak dumplings—stuffed with scallions and sauced with ground beef, yogurt, and a shower of mint—as an entrée, but resist the urge. Also good: Clam pizza; pepperoni pizza; sausage-and-peppers pizza; arugula salad. Looking for an Election Night Watch Party? We may never be able to eat bibim bap any other way again. Drop us a line and let us know where you’d like us to go next. Lunch is the best deal ($16) and beers are cheap, too: $4 to $6. Also good: Grandma’s Noodles; dry-fried eggplant; wood-ear mushrooms with Thai chili sauce; hot and numbing flounder in clay pot with tofu. For kids celebrating birthdays during the fall or winter, chances are they'll be celebrating it indoors.

Also good: Pabellon criollo—pulled beef with rice, black beans, and plantains—with avocado; quatros leches cake.

Also good: Crispy squid; pork gyoza; Center St.

Accessories such as house-made bacon and pickled jalapeños (on the excellent Hot Mess) or an earthy, seductive mix of cremini mushrooms, shallots, Gruyère, and porcini salt. Head to these slickly industrial all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue houses. A chili-flecked bean-sprout salad gets another dose of crunch from a scattering of Marcona almonds. But the most memorable eating comes from loading up on starters and salads—a crunchy, batter-dipped tangle of watercress, shrimp, squid, and onion is a must—and structuring your meal around a centerpiece item, such as the whole fried fish doused with red curry or festooned with peppers and basil. Dating is hard, but finding a place to do it shouldn’t be. Best Indoor Birthday Party Places in the DC Area. If a Cuban kitchen understands the importance of these backbone elements of the cuisine, it can probably be trusted with everything else. Food insecurity should never prevent someone from voting. Also good: Patty melt; cornmeal-crusted catfish; fried-chicken sandwich. Had a bottle of the sommelier's red wine recommendation, escargot (fantastic! Leave room for the kanom krok, magical little half-moon pancakes filled with coco-nut custard. Don’t skip dessert—in particular the crempita, a special that’s a glorious testimonial to the Old World love of creamy and caloric confections.

Finely chopped coleslaw balances sweet, cool, and creamy, recalling the best kind of picnic fare. Honest pricing. Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. Best fun dinner places in Washington, DC, United States. The truth is you could stand blindfolded in the Eden Center—a restaurant-rich shopping mall that amounts to a Little Vietnam for the region—point in any direction, and probably get a good meal. We could eat the noodles, steamed buns, and Korean fried chicken at Momofuku CCDC most nights, but the drinks are what push this place into birthday-dinner territory. Also good: Beef bulgogi; garlic pork belly; spicy chicken; spicy rice cakes. Just order a plate of ćevapčići, tight-cased beef sausages with more juice than some fruits. It’s a classic DC spot above Pearl Dive on 14th Street with red velvet walls and booths and prices reasonable enough that none of your guests will need to double check their … Wrap the savory meat in a lettuce leaf, then add slivers of garlic. A running list of the reopened DC restaurants where you can eat and drink outside. Where to go before and after a Nats game, whether you’re looking for a pregame or showing your parents around town. Thankfully, you won’t find tiny portions at big prices: Minus a few flourishes, owners Fred and CiCi Hart are true to the Thai eatery’s name, which translates to “relax, relax.” The large menu is split between two categories—classics and street fare—with bountiful vegetarian options, including the traditional (terrific chive-stuffed dumplings) and the unorthodox (a dish called You Think It’s Duck Curry). Also good: Sambosa (fried pastries stuffed with potato, chickpeas, and herbs); chaplee (spicy ground beef) kebab; kadu (sautéed pumpkin); maust (house-made yogurt). A lot of factors come into play when you’re planning a birthday dinner. Roll (shrimp tempura, eel, asparagus); Costa Rica Roll (yellowtail, jalapeño, mango). This is the place to rediscover retro classics—a robust lasagna, linguine with sausage and melty peppers, or eggplant and veal Parmesans that are lightly sauced and dotted with cheese. Beyond the usual pork-belly and duck fillings (both done with flair), there are rave-worthy takes such as seared teriyaki Spam with mango salsa. Really good and comforting flavors and atmosphere.

Really good home-style Greek cooking can be hard to find in Washington, which is why this family-run dining room ringed by pictures of sun-drenched islands is such a find. We use cookies to personalize content and advertisements, provide social media features, The food speaks for itself, though sometimes it doesn’t—ask your server to translate the many specials handwritten in Japanese, which might yield a crunchy, umami-packed salmon-skin salad or ichiya-boshi, cured and grilled squid. These DC Bars Have You Covered. Just be forewarned that wastefulness is frowned upon—an eat-what-you-order policy keeps gluttony in check.

Though the ambience is that of a neighborhood joint, the menu reads like an ambitious izakaya, serving excellent small plates such as takoyaki (octopus-studded croquettes), squid with mountain vegetables, and lightly charred flounder fin. Whether you like to sip cocktails amongst refined decor or try a new craft beer in a spot that exudes casual charm, there is a place here for you. Management was on point with having my table ready and made entry for my friends and I smooth and convenient. Pretty impressive, given that the chef who snagged the designation is Bertrand Chemel, a Frenchman who took up pizza-making two years ago.

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