Then, suddenly, the fish disappeared. "Otherwise, I’m going to fish all the shallow, wooden cover with a topwater bait, a Texas rig or a crankbait.". "It’s 35 feet deep across the mouth of the Hot Hole, and it gets deeper," he said. On my right was Stephen Williams, a member of the Rockingham Sheriff's dive team and a former Navy SEAL. GREENSBORO — Two people were shot at Four Seasons Town Centre early Sunday evening, a Greensboro police spokesman said.

Several were displaced and never able to return to their homes. ``Gemini, and my name is Paul...' I sang to myself. Early in the fall, Richardson said bass will normally turn on right at sundown, and catching fish after fish on consecutive casts isn’t unusual. The lake straddles Stokes, Forsyth and Rockingham counties and is surrounded by the towns of Walnut Cove, Belews Creek, Stokesdale and Pine Hall. Greg Drumwright, a Greensboro pastor who had also led a march to the polls in Greensboro on Friday. On cool mornings, the surface of the lake is covered with steam generated from the heat of the nearby power plant. Diving takes some initiative. So now I had the lazy man's opportunity to get a taste of diving without all the hard work. "But even in the clear water, you can catch bass shallow all summer and winter.". I fish around a little point on the right; I let the current sweep my bait across the point.". Williams recalled one dive where the outside temperature was well below zero and the river flowed beneath a two-foot-thick layer of ice. Beginning in 1986, however, Duke Energy changed its practices and selenium no longer entered the lake. In my head was playing the classic disco-era hit ``Float On,' by The Floaters. It’s a fabulous fishery year-round, but I think fishermen have gotten intimidated by the clear water. And then we spun around toward the shore, and there it was within an arm's length: an underwater landscape of tangled branches and discarded wooden posts completely hidden from above. "You can catch them on top, but I like to sit off the hump in about 30 feet of water and throw up on top of it with a Carolina rig. Humphreys Ridge is one of only two marinas on Belews Lake; it’s on the east side of the creek about halfway from the dam to the NC 65 bridge. BA, My adventure began at the suggestion of Rick Frazier, a High Point police officer whose passion is diving. Small fish paid little attention to us as we continued to scout the area. North and South Carolina Fishing, North and South Carolina Hunting, Carolina Sportsman Magazine, for over 23 years the leading authority on Carolina Fishing & Hunting, Daily Carolina Fishing & Hunting Reports, Fishing & Hunting News, Your most complete North and South Carolina Fishing & Hunting site. From now through Nov. 7, we're providing FREE access to election coverage, made possible by our subscribers. The lake is over 100 feet deep in spots and can reach depths of 130 feet near the dam. "The fishery is getting good, getting great," said Richardson, a former pro bass fisherman who cut his fishing teeth at Belews when conditions were suboptimal, at best. Popular activities include sail boating, speed boating, paddling, camping, hiking and water sports. 3.5 Belews Lake is a unique fishing spot. "They get out on this place real good in the fall. Belews Lake is nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in beautiful north central North Carolina.

In a small cove of Belews Lake, a hidden world unfolded in front of me. Belews Lake Vacation Info - Lakelubbers. Like a good novel or movie that takes you to a place you've never seen before, it's hard to forget the hidden world you see on your first dive. "I think the little feeder creek has something to do with how good this place fishes," Richardson said. So late fall and early winter set up as often magical times for fishermen like Richardson, who shared some of his favorite spots and methods for catching Belews Lake’s bass. It was created in 1973 by the Duke Energy corporation to provide cooling water for the corporation's Belews Creek Steam Station, a coal-burning power plant. Frazier, four members of the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office and I boarded the sheriff department's boat and cast off at Carolina Marina. When the sun’s out the brightest, Richardson said, the bass are liable to be in the clearest, shallowest water. Just upstream from the marina, and upstream from power lines that cross the lake, Richardson fishes the main-lake point that frames the southern end of the marina cove. Signs around the lake recommend that fish-eaters limit themselves to one portion a week because of small quantities of selenium that still linger in the lake water. "I catch most of my fish here in about 25 feet of water. Belews Lake is one of North Carolina’s “unknown treasures” as bass fishery - Carolina Sportsman. STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — Officials in Stokes County are currently looking for a person who went missing at Belews Lake over the weekend, according to a …

Richardson fishes brush piles in the creek channel with a drop-shot rig, casting it to deep water and crawling it back toward the shallows. The effect is both beautiful and eerie. "This is a good place to catch fish shallow or deep," Richardson said. It’s got a lot of structure on it — rocks and wood. Looking ahead, all I could see was brownish-green water and a few bits of debris drifting by. "This is a great floating-worm lake; it’s where I learned to fish one," Richardson said. Richardson and a lot of other fishermen call it "Cabin Creek" because there’s a cedar-sided cabin on this point, which divides the creek almost all the way back. ROCKINGHAM COUNTY — A huge oak tree, felled by winds from the aftermath of Tropical Storm Zeta, crushed the roof of a one-story brick house Th…. I was feeling pretty safe. A small feeder creek that enters Belews Creek on the east side is known to many locals as "Stokesdale Creek" because its headwaters are around the town of Stokesdale at the junction of US 158 and NC 65 east of the lake. Once the company got the problem under control, the fishery started to work its way back toward normal. DISCOVERING A HIDDEN WORLD IN BELEWS LAKE, Election Day live: Follow updates and comments on the national elections here, At home for homecoming: L.A. filmmaking couple produce documentary 'love letter' to N.C. A&T's fall classic, Police use pepper spray on protesters — including children — marching to Alamance polls, Raleigh pastor accused of urinating on airline passenger, Secret Service requested Guilford County Schools buses used at Jill Biden rally, school official says, Tree crushes house near Rock/Guilford border, no injuries, Guilford County breaks records in new cases and daily hospitalizations, health department says, Report: Hackers took personal info of more than 43,000 GTCC students, Death of Greensboro man being investigated as a homicide, police say, 2 people shot at Four Seasons Town Centre.

I told him I wanted to do a story on his training, and he said the best way to understand it is to experience it firsthand. In a small cove of Belews Lake, a hidden world unfolded in front of me. Belews Creek was originally named "Belews Creek Mill" and a post office has been located in the community since 1831 (Powell 1968, p. 37). It’s really good with a crankbait and a Carolina rig. His diving experience includes swimming through wrecked ships off the coast of the Atlantic. The Belews Creek Steam Station is the largest coal-fired plant in the Duke Energy system. This is an area where he regularly sees packs of bass cruising the clear shallows, which he’ll fish with a topwater bait or a floating worm. Contact Us. "If I come by it and don’t see a boat there, I’ll always stop and fish it. Belews Lake History. Back toward the mouth of Cabin Creek, this rocky point sticks out from the east bank, almost a textbook secondary point where fish moving back during the fall stop, stage and feed on the baitfish that are almost always on it. On my left side was Frazier, who has trained scores of novice divers. Forests, waterfalls and mountain streams are abundant in the surrounding area, and Hanging Rock State Park is 15 miles to the northwest. "This is a good Carolina-rig point," Richardson said, "and it’s a good place to fish a crankbait. Between 1974 and 1984, Belews Lake was contaminated by selenium from the power plant, which caused reproductive failure and deformities in fish. "You’ll see a lot of bait back in here; it really gets in here in the fall," he said. At the time of its creation, it was the fourth highest dam in the world and today, is the highest dam in the eastern United States.

In an email Sunday to Superintendent Sharon Contreras, school board member Anita Sharpe asked for a full accounting of the costs to the district and records of any reimbursement provided. The fish consumption advisory was lifted in August of 2000, and Belews Lake was removed from the list of impaired waters. Belews Lake is a reservoir in Stokes, Rockingham, Guilford and Forsyth counties of North Carolina, near the towns of Stokesdale and Pine Hall. The one tiny piece of property that affects the character of the lake the most is the man-made hot-water discharge canal that flushes water used to clean the plant and returns it superheated into West Belews Creek to Belews Creek. He feels like the lighter weights of the first two rigs will make for a better drift and more bites.

Except as noted, Copyright © 2007-2020 Raub's Internet for Business LLC. It was a struggle to swim down against the wet suit's buoyancy, but after a few minutes, we were well below the surface in 15 feet of water. Belews also fishes "opposite" of what many fishermen would expect. A man-made reservoir, Belews Lake covers 3846 acres behind a rolled-earth dam. "If I come back in here and see shad schooling, I’ll fish it with a Rat-L-Trap," he said.

Scuba diving around here makes you feel like part Jacques Cousteau and part Daniel Boone exploring worlds that few people have seen well enough to describe in any detail. "The water comes out of there at about 94 degrees," Richardson said. "The baitfish will get on top, and the bass will come up schooling all around it," he said.

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