This one was 3 years used and priced within my tight budget.

Original review: Sept. 11, 2018 First new boat I've ever bought, paid 4-5k and on delivery. I took the boat in on 7/5/17 to be repaired, since the only had to take a picture and send it to the factory it only took them until 7/18/17 to tell me that they would not do anything about the crack forming, as it was not all the way into the hull and leaking yet.

The boat was taken to the dealership where it was purchased, and returned to the factory for repairs. Tracker® Boat Parts and Accessories. … read more Great for anyone who buys one now but not so great for someone who bought one just prior and I mean just prior to them changing over. I will never own another.

Meaning you have fixed the problem not put a bandaid on it. ANY owner that has a tracker boat of the same vintage is likely to experience this issue. As for storage goes its good enough if you now how to plan and use it wisely. I bought him a better boat as the Tracker I bought was not covered for the lifetime. My boat and my experience is not acceptable. Look elsewhere. Oh, and when you punch the throttle down at the start of a tournament, you will not hear your engine but you will hear plenty of others. Saab 9000 Auto To Manual Conversion Guide, Geometric Optics Study Guide And Review Answers, Coast Guard Facility Inspector Pqs Study Guide. The casting deck on the txw175 is bigger than my ranger was, it's a wonderful boat package whichever motor you choose. Buy what you can afford, but remember the cost is about more than the money alone. As I was used to in the glass boats. Original review: Aug. 3, 2016 2016 Tahoe 400ts - Took it out for my first run and boat shut off and did not start back up. It will not adjust to elevation changes which results in not getting on the water. Its a combination owners/service manual for specifically my outboard, not the boat as I originally thought. This eventually causes the primer paint to fail and accelerates the aluminum oxidation. This was covered under warranty which was great, however, the service I've received since dropping my boat off has been horrible! Nevertheless I am not pleased with Tracker's customer service on this matter and will not purchase another Tracker Boat. But for overall performance I would prefer the 75. You will be happy.

Easy to buy: Consumers can shop for and buy their boat online. This could be a danger to anyone in the boat. That little motor starts and purrs and you barely hear it running when at idle. But I could of found that in any number of boats out there. The 75 hp just did not make sense to me because of the weight added of the motor, the extra battery, and if I used the front livewell. After that it went blank. We take privacy seriously, please refer to our to learn more about how we keep you protected. It is a great trailer don't get me wrong, but not for the Targa. This was my first boat purchase, I have learned my lesson. I pulled up to the beach, jumped out of the boat, and pulled it to shore by hand. The service manager was very understanding and very nice. Best for: Tracker Marine Group boats are best for consumers looking for fishing boats, kayaks or pontoons. Within 2 years I noticed I was taking on water on a regular basis. Had to replace tires, align trailer, literally the boat is junk and falling apart faster than I can pay for it. That shop sent the estimate over to Bass Pro Shops, who then refused to sign off on the work because the shipping costs were too high. On his advice I purchased the recommended boat through White River Marine Group. A really good feeling when you just spent almost $30000 on a boat (a year's salary for me and I paid cash). When I asked why this had not been replaced as well, they told me that the aluminum had bent to the maximum amount that it would, and that even though it looks terrible and depreciates my boat below normal value, it was structurally sound and that is all they would repair was the structural integrity. Original review: Jan. 15, 2017 I have owned three Tracker boats over the last 25 years. All depend on your situation. I went to a Tracker dealer in Richmond VA to look at a boat I was planning on purchasing (Tracker Pro Team 195 TXW). Dress properly with a USCG approved flotation device and protective gear. Does anyone own a bass tracker . Had metal drill shavings in rod and storage compartments.

I need the boat back soon or I should receive a genuinely new boat with these issues fixed.

Actual rebate amount is determined by model selected. After 13 years of use and incredibly well taken care of the boat in 2016 rewarded me with an area of hull failure about 12 x 24. It is equipped with the Tracker 25hp and runs like a top. Tracker® was the first complete, ready-to-fish boat to hit the market and has been a leader ever after. We have had to replace the axle and many tires due to the weight being placed on this trailer. Promotion is only applicable from authorized participating Skeeter dealers in the U.S.A. And Canada sold to purchasing consumers residing in the U.S.A. They called me on June 25 and reported that the live well was repaired and the leak was no longer a problem. Now mind you, I didn't drive the boat up on the beach. Engine was not getting power to start. The capt chair had been replaced and was held together by a singe small screw and the trolling motor only went in reverse. Both times I have taken the boat out it has been pulled up the ramp with a removed plug and not the slightest bit of water has came out. 2017 Tracker Pro 16 walkthrough won't start. My only regret is that I didn't go back to Tin sooner. I had to then spend $1000 in Hydroturf to cover the decking to hide the warped decking. Upon inspection of the boat, the original owner had made some funky modifications, including what looked like a modified trolling motor mounting plate. Every time I have talked to someone in the service department, they have given me wrong information, and acted like I am causing them some sort of inconvenience by checking the status of my boat. Original review: Sept. 6, 2016 Bought brand new 2017 Tracker PT 175 TXW boat and already the diamond coat finish that is supposed to be harder than paint and not chip and scratch as easily is showing signs of wear. Called the location where purchased.

When I pulled the boat out of the water and got home to clean her up, I notice a half dollar size chip out of the powder coat in the hull. He noticed the plug was loose that went into back driver side of engine. Well the Tracker is a steaming pile. Guess we're waiting for someone to get killed. The boat Sat outside in the rain before we left. So cabelas rammed the boat with a skid loader quite a few times instead of using the boat lift they have in their yard. The 60 is very reliable and runs great but is a dog for getting off plane. I immediately went to the internet to find reviews. Would like to find information located in owners for service etc. Now they said timing was tooth off and power head has to come off and striped cam bolts had to order more parts, now 50 mph and 5000 rpm after repair, now it is October been in shop for a month now and still in shop. The boat struggle to plane even with a moderate load. For more than 40 years, TRACKER® all-welded aluminum boats have have helped families catch fish and make memories.

+Nationally Advertised Price; actual sales price determined by dealer. After further investigation I noticed I had stress cracks all over the undercarriage of the boat. However, Tracker kept its word and addressed all issues with the paint and the conditions of the boat.

Called Tracker and Mercury they just push everything off on dealer and dealer has been doing everything they can to get me in and out. I just want a nice boat to fish out of and more for taking my wife and little girl out just for joy riding. I don't want the foam decking because I do not want to go through this again. With the cost difference between the 60 and 75, I could not justify it for 15 hp which would not have made much of a difference with the added weight in the boat(motor, battery, and water in livewells). I will say, given a chance to win a 175 or a 190. The 75 pops right up and will cruise comfortably at the wide open speed of the 60. The crack is currently cosmetic and not letting water into the hull, but will be an issue in the near future as the crack continues to grow. Original review: June 9, 2017 I purchased a Tracker 1754 aluminum boat and Trailstar trailer used about two years ago. 90% of my fishing is on small local lakes that are 600 acres max. I can't see how this would help much out of the hole with the added weight of the engine. The cranking battery was not getting enough charge because I use the trolling motor more, so I would have to put a charger on the cranking battery to keep it charged. I love it to death. There is no way this should have chipped the way it did and has removed any faith I have in the durability of the diamond coat. The 175 is a good boat for its intended design and use for the smaller bodies of rivers and lakes. Gauges didn't work, but all accessory switches worked. Ease of launching, towing, and all-around maintenance. With the cost difference between the 60 and 75, I could not justify it for 15 hp which would not have made much of a difference with the added weight in the boat(motor, battery, and water in livewells). I was sold forever on these guys. He highly recommended the Tracker 175 TXW. After 2 months pulled out of the water and the whole hull was blistered, I called Tracker and they said it is not covered. For me, it works perfectly on the lake where we have our cabin (300-acre lake) and for taking around on other lakes in the area (NH, ME). Re: Tracker owners manuals « Reply #9 on: April 20, 2015, 02:07:20 PM » My friend who I go Crappie fishing with just bought a 2014 BT last year and it is a nice boat and he said the same thing about how friendly and helpful they were. Had to take it back to the dealer the next week as there was no power to the console. I can beach it anywhere and not have to worry about damage. I thought this would be a better fit for me. It would be the 190 for more room, but staying under the 150 powered boats. There really is no comparison in performance. I purchased this boat in May of 2015. It rubbed off and crumbled everywhere. I pulled the boat up on the beach ONCE while I went to go get the truck and trailer. I guess I'll continue to pay for it and park in the weeds next to my field and let it rot.

On 7/2/18, I finally contacted the repair shop in Austin directly (because I could not get anyone from Bass Pro on the phone) and was told that they were still waiting on authorization from Bass Pro to begin work on my boat. As for the 60 if speed is not your thing it is fine. Original review: May 5, 2017 I bought the Tracker 2014 pro v 16' brand new from a dealer in my hometown. We have not had a boat to enjoy this summer.

The crew at Las Vegas Tracker Marine are doing their best to make the customer happy and more importantly, safe. The welds were poor.

Need Help Tracking Down Owner's Manual - Bass Boats, Canoes - Jan 01, 2013 Pro Team 17, and surprise surprise no owners manual. I had the 60 and it was fine for what it was but loaded down with 2 guys full of fuel and full livewell it was a struggle. I would think about what kind of fishing you do and spend your money there. I'll letchya' know what I find! I decided the price was too good not to take a look over at Bass Pro.

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