Be sure to agree upon a price with the inspector before they inspect the bike. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. As the largest financial services provider in the country ABSA bank has more repossessed motorcycles up for auction than other financial institutions. Sell your bike at the Largest Used Bike Market. Because they are often deemed as luxury items rather than necessities, high-end motorcycles such as Harley-Davidsons are being repossessed at higher rates than ever. If you can’t make it to the facility, you can hire an inspector to go out and do the inspection for you. Receive offers and updates when you subscribe to our newsletter. It’s best to check often and make an offer or bid early, since Robinsons Bank (and most other banks) offer these vehicles in a first come, first served basis. To help with your search, you can use our filters for location, make and model, and price. When you’re at the facility, inspect the bike closely, take additional photos and take the motorcycle for a test ride if available.

From delivery services to tricycles and habal-habals, these versatile vehicles are more than a common sight on Philippine streets. We are based in Minnesota with warehouses in 6 locations across the country including Minnesota, Texas, Arizona, Indiana, Georgia and New York. Situations like these are understandable, although this will not stop banks and other lenders from repossessing your motorcycle. Repo Finder provides a free list of repossessed bank cars for sale. Search all repo motorcycles for sale to find the cheapest motorcycles. It is easier to get financing for repossessed bikes as the bank will be eager to sell the vehicle. Categories . Get great bargains on repo motorcycles. 100% Black Owned. The more popular ones include: All these types of motorcycles are available for purchase in the Philippines, although some may be uncommon and a little harder to find. Once you inspect the motorcycle, be ready to make an offer, as these motorcycle deals do not last long.; Home; About; News; Blog; FAQ; Contact Us; Auctions by Category is an online auction company specializing in the remarketing of bank repossessed, insurance repairable and consignments of motorcycles, dirt bikes, sport bikes, touring bikes, trikes and scooters.

Find great deals on Motorcycles in Tacoma, WA on OfferUp. This can then affect other regular payments and expenses, like food, utility bills, rent, and tuition fees. You can place inquiries if you want, but banks, dealers, and lending companies are your best bet if you’re looking specifically for repossessed motorcycles. Menu.

With so many motorcycles available on the site, it may get confusing on what to do next. Repossessed bikes sold on auction often sell for more reasonable prices. You can buy your motorcycle during the auction or sale held by the bank or lender. Begin by looking through the above list of repossessed motorcycles. In the next section, we provide some tips on how you can get the best value for your money when buying repossessed motorcycles. Inspect the bike before the auction event. Also, remember when placing an offer on repossessed motorcycles, you should know the maximum amount you are willing to pay (pay no attention to the current offer). Get in touch with Robinsons Bank today. BOB (BSP Online Buddy) may be accessed by financial consumers through the following portals: Robinsons Bank is offering motorcycle units for sale on a first come first serve basis. You can ask the bank or lender for a loan restructuring. We post hundreds of repo motorcycles bargains each day, popular brands like Harley-Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki, are just a few on the list. Meanwhile, according to the Motorcycle Development Program Participants Association or MDPPA, motorbike sales increased by 21% in 2018. You need to check up on the market value of the motorcycle you are interested in. repo direct. Robinsons Bank has a range of repossessed motorcycles available for bidding and purchase. That’s why repossessed motorcycles are sold or auctioned off at lower prices. This might not be possible for everyone, however, especially if financial problems are what led to the repossession in the first place.

Repossessed motorcycles are particularly abundant at the moment, due to the still stalling economy. You need time to inspect the bikes, to pre-approve financing and prepare yourself for the bidding so don’t arrive just as the auction is starting. In turn, the monthly installments for your motorcycle can get relegated to second priority. In fact, keeping them for an indefinite period can cost banks, dealers, and lending companies a lot of money.

Aside from various banks, you can also go to dealerships to find repossessed motorcycles.

If you can, you may also negotiate a new loan. Ideally, the loan terms should be the same or more manageable than the loan you used to acquire your motorcycle. An ABSA consultant will usually attend the auction so you can approach them before you bid. Tags: repo bikes, repo motorcycles, repossessed bikes, repossessed harley-davidson, repossessed Harleys, repossessed motorcycles This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 at and is filed under government auctions.You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. The main reason cited for the increase in number and shift to motorcycles is the terrible traffic situation in Metro Manila and other urban areas across the country. In the Philippines, motorcycles often get lumped into general terms or categories. There are different kinds of off-road bikes, depending on the event or sport. Decide beforehand which vehicle or vehicles you are interested in then do a background check on the motorcycles you may bid on. This is assuming, of course, that you already have the required amount that you can shell out outright. This is entirely possible as long as you’re financially prepared. Once you have decided on how much you would like to spend, approach the bank or other lending institution to get a pre-approval for the financing you need for your purchase. YAMAHA, 2018 Model, Bikes4Sale Price Guide : Used Bike Valuation Tool, Get finance for buying a new or used bike, Land Rover Range Rover Westminster Petrol AT, Kia Sonet 1.0L GTX Plus Dual Tone Petrol DCT, Gift voucher worth Rs. Find new or second-hand Bikes for sale. • More than 2.75 lakh bikes sold till date. HONDA CBR . Make sure you check everything thoroughly before committing to buy. Buy used motorcycles cheap, including motorcycles makes and model guide, to save up to 50% or more on the final price! Medical emergencies, for example, can funnel a huge chunk of your income into hospital bills. In short, preventing your motorcycle from getting repossessed is as simple as being diligent in your monthly payments. Lending companies that offer personal and car loans are also likely to have listings of repossessed motorcycles. This is ideal, since you’ll be dealing with the same party if the loan gets restructured and/or approved. In general, it’s a good idea to buy repossessed motorcycles if you’re looking for affordable options. If you don’t know much about bikes, bring along someone who does or find out what you should be looking for. Note that repossession doesn’t happen in a snap.

Another reason why there are so many motorcycles on the road right now is that they’re much cheaper than cars. Just think of it as buying a second-hand motorcycle. The question is, is there a way that you can recover your repossessed motorcycle? You can buy your motorcycle during the auction or sale held by the bank or lender.

Banks like Robinsons Bank, as well as motorcycle dealers aren’t allowed to repossess your vehicle after just a one day lapse on your payments. You can negotiate with the bank or lender if they can reduce the remaining amount you have to pay or if they can waive it altogether. The latter is ideal, of course, but even getting the amount reduced can be a big help to ease the financial burden. So remember, inspect and be ready to make that offer. Buying repossessed motorcycles requires a lot patience. This is assuming, of course, that you already have the required amount that you can shell out outright.

Credit union repossessed cars, credit union repo trucks, repo motorcycles, repo RV's and repo ATV's lists among other repo sales service lists online. However, falling into this temptation is also one of the reasons why there are plenty of repossessed motorcycles sitting unused in parking garages and dealers’ lots. Check motorcycle groups and ask for advice, especially for more specialized motorcycles.

Used & Salvage Motorcycles & Scooters for Sale - AutoAuctionMall The smallest vehicles we sell, Motorcycles and scooters are usually 2-wheeled, 1 or 2 seat light agile vehicles with a variety of forms, from sport/racing bikes to off-road dirt bikes to low-powered easy to run scooters. You can also go to the parking lot of the bank or lender and buy your repossessed motorcycle there. Buy repossessed bikes seized by banks and financiers. Repossessed motorcycles are sold “as is, where is,” unlike second-hand motorcycles which owners get a chance to perform some fixing to get a higher reselling price. You can either go straight to the site or simply browse their website and send an inquiry to express your interest. Then call and set up an appointment with the facility to inspect the bikes.

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The best bargain motorcycles sell within the first few days of posting. Currently we have 13 Bike for sale from over 6 Bikes dealerships - auto exchanges and 32 private Bike sales. Motorcycles for sale at bank repossession auctions are available all over South Africa. If you don’t fulfill your obligation, which is to pay the mortgage, your motorcycle can get repossessed. 100% Black Owned. Just like cars, motorcycles can get repossessed if you default on your monthly payments. Auction of bikes and scooters seized by banks, NBFCs and financiers. REPO MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE IN ARIZONA. Robinsons Bank Corporation is a proud member of. There are also websites that are dedicated to cars and motorcycles, although most of their listings are for second-hand vehicles. These motorcycles are usually in very good shape, but the purchaser was unable to keep up with making the payments on the bike, or are taken in by police. Post your items for free.

Everyday in this country motorcycles are repossessed and are auctioned off at amazingly low prices. REPO MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE IN MASSACHUSETTS, REPO MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE IN NEW HAMPSHIRE, REPO MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE IN NORTH CAROLINA, REPO MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE IN NORTH DAKOTA, REPO MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE IN PENNSYLVANIA, REPO MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE IN RHODE ISLAND, REPO MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE IN SOUTH CAROLINA, REPO MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE IN SOUTH DAKOTA, REPO MOTORCYCLES FOR SALE IN WEST VIRGINIA, Top 3 Reasons to Choose For Your Next Car. Two (2) valid IDs (e.g., driver’s license, SSS, GSIS, passport, PRC ID, company ID, and other government-issued ID, Income Tax Return or Form 2316 duly signed by the employer's authorized representative, if applicable, Audited Financial Statement with BIR stamp, if applicable. Home » Acquired Assets » Repossessed Motorcycles. It will also show the bank or lender your determination and willingness to pay the loan. Shipping and local meet-up options available. Find new or second-hand Bikes for sale. These two-wheelers are auctioned at cheap prices by financial institutions

Arrive early! And in times of economic uncertainty, many people can no longer afford their cars and motorcycles. • Started in 2007 - First bike portal in India.

The standard process is that your lender must send demand letters and notices to remind you to pay.

South Africa, Telephone: 076 260 8027 | Email:, Repossessed vehicles such as motorcycles are usually sold on auction, Buy Barely Used Bikes and Motorbikes Online, Used Harley Davidsons and Second-hand Bikes, Getting a Motorcycle Learners License in South Africa.

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