Whenever she played on a team that had pink as a color, she played infinitely better. He was named after the type of tea, in true British style. … She will perform any of her dancing moves in sports. 01: Games Media, Game » This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll Ashlyn Harris (Backyard Soccer) B. © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Her father is a multi-millionaire who spoils his two twin daughters. He backs up his arrogance in Backyard Football, where he is absolutely elite on offense and defense. A blonde girl who loves to surf tidewaves. Her father is a self-made multi-millionaire who pampers his two twin daughters. It was first released in June 2002 for Microsoft Windows. She is considered a tough athlete (having grown up with four brothers) and dislikes playing alongside her brother, as she prefers paving her own path.

She's eight years old and still in the third grade, but she has the IQ of an 8th grader. A snobby rich Spanish kid who hates to get dirty. It wasn't until he began playing hockey where he finally got footwear for himself.

She is wise, as she is the oldest player in the league (next to Tony Delvecchio). However, Kimmy Eckman makes a return in the new mobile games. But it is unknown if all 30 Backyard Kids plus the new Backyard characters will make a comeback in the mobile games.

If he is on the same team as Achmed, he plays better (though gets a debuff in his pitching). Ariel Atkins (Backyard Basketball) Ashley Webber. The color commentator for Backyard Soccer games. Both Sidney and Ashley love to pamper their own twin Labrador Retrievers, and play much better as teammates. His nickname is "Cootie". Smith is known by the nickname of "MVP."

He is best friends with Reese Worthington, and they keep each other entertained. She can also be quite cocky, letting other kids know when they underperform. Dante, nicknamed "Stretch", is one of the shorter players in the series. She isn't very popular amongst other kids due to her being quite hyperactive. He is almost always seen wearing large headphones during the games. T. Tony Delvecchio. He's nicknamed "Spud" because of his underwhelming height and ability. His crush on the Webber twins are also notable in the baseball series. Angela is a tough tom-boy, and shows a lot of self confidence. One of the best players, next to Sanchez. There are, so far, five siblings in the series: the Delvecchios (Tony and Angela), the Dobbs (Sally and Ronny), the Kawaguchis (Kenny and Vicki), the Khans (Achmed and Amir), and the Webbers (Ashley and Sidney). He spoke extremely elequently. She is a tough tomboy and fancies candy a lot, though it makes her hyperactive. If he fails to score, he shouts, "I'm telling my mom!". Worthington is based off of an original designer of the series, Richard Moe, who has asthma (just like Worthington), and was nicknamed "Big Toe" in grade school (also like Worthington). Widely believed to be the best player, hence his nickname, "Secret Weapon." Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Backyard Hockey is an ice hockey video games series created by Humongous Entertainment and Mistic Software that was published by Atari and Infogrames. He looks up to Achmed, unlike several little siblings in the series, such as Angela Delvecchio and Ronny Dobbs. S. Sally Dobbs. In the game players control their character in a game of ice hockey. Giant Bomb users. Lists the games broadcasters and color commentators. She's a bit of a hippie who likes to play sports for the sake of being outdoors.

He was discontinued in 2007. She is best known by the nicknames of "Sugar Pop" and "Gelly". The first thing he says upon clicking him is, "I'm Jorge Garcia, and I have more money than you.". Kiesha Phillips. Achmed Khan is a rocker who sometimes forgets he is playing sports and starts rocking out. He zones out constantly. Kimmy is a hyper kid, who always wants more sugar. Dante is a quick player, who is always energized. He is typically a great athlete in whatever sport he's playing, with above-average statistics.

This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other This earned her nickname, "Crazy Legs." She is nicknamed "Jabberjaw" as a result of her talkativity. She admires Dmitri Petrovich for his brain, and she also had immense raw power in all sports. Alex Ovechkin (Backyard Hockey) Ali Krieger (Backyard Soccer) Andy Dalton (Backyard Football) Angela Delvecchio. At random times during a game, power ups appear at center ice. Keisha Monet "Flash" Phillips may be a joker, but she takes her sports seriously. A total of four Backyard Hockey games have been released, these include the original Backyard Hockey, Backyard Hockey 2005, Backyard Hockey for Game Boy Advance, and Backyard Hockey for Nintendo DS. The series is best known for starring kid-sized versions of popular professional sports stars, such as Albert Pujols, Paul Pierce, Barry Bonds, Tim Duncan, Clint Mathis, Kevin Garnett, Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Joe Thornton and Andy Macdonald. He isn't an athletic type, as he is below average in almost each game. He loves sports simply for the related games having to do with physics and mathematics. She is the tallest kid in the league, with the exception of pro baseball player, Randy Johnson. She and her twin, Sidney, are nicknamed "Little Smokey." She is the twin of Ashley Weber. She is noted to be the youngest player in the entire series.

Nicknamed "Axeman," Khan is portrayed as an easygoing kid who loves playing his air guitar and listening to rock music and EDM. If you didn't use this man on your team something was wrong with you. Billy Jean Blackwood. He can't stand his older sister, Sally, who is a bit bossy towards him. Sidney is a spoiled girl, who would much rather play tennis then a sport like football.

Kenny is in a wheelchair and consider to be the "cool kid" of the group. Originally voiced by Dolores Rogers. Annie Frazier. She speaks with the voice of a broadcaster-woman. Being tall can be a burden for Steele, as he is often seen as awkward and lanky. One of the Webber twins.

A young blonde girl who likes to talk pretty fast. send you an email once approved. "Backyard Hockey" redirects here.

Sidney Webber. Many wouldn't tag her as the best player in the series, but she is certainly up there. Her best friends are Dante and Jocinda. She believes her teddy bear is good luck, but sometimes, he gets in the way. He is easily the fastest character in the series.

He, like Kiesha, is a total joker, only he doesn't take sports so lightly. One of his family members says he'll be a comedian when he grows up, which earned him his nickname, "Funnybones." Players may also choose from several National Hockey League hockey players as children, some of these players are Steve Yzerman, Mike Modano, Joe Sakic, Jaromír Jágr, Jarome Iginla, Martin Brodeur, and Curtis Joseph. His running is a hinderance to his overall game. She was discontinued after 2006.

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