Check the article Audi MMI force restart (2G, 3G, 3G+). Hi Also, how can i enable the MMI to display Oil temperature? Any ideas? I have a Rosstech VCDS.

2nd – my sat nav in 3D mode have lost the top line display of the map. Next problem is that I want to activate the ambient light adjustments, but the hidden menu is different in that MMI and I haven’t been able to find ”car” or “cardevicelist” from there. Hallo.

When in the normal automatic drive mode I want the mini display (between the rev counter and speedometer) to show which gear is selected. Make sure that your Audi Multi Media Interface 3G software version is up to date. After opening this function, in the MMI you will see tire pressure monitoring, and when the tire pressure is too low, it will alarm you. If so please how do I do this via green menu??? It’s MMI Radio. This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. There are no more languages in hidden menu. Look for VIM (video in motion) enabling over here.

At the top of mine it reads “.

try with the MENU button instead of the SETUP button. Now hidden menu can be opened, by simultaneously holding down the “car” button and “setup” button for a few seconds, the display will show green hidden menu. After you open the daytime running lights, you will find Audi’s lights in the daytime is not as bright as Mercedes and Porsche, but it is not the fact. Is the ignition on or just the MMI? First enter the hidden menu, select “car”, “car menu operation”, “interior light” and change its value to 5 and then press “return”, find “car device list”, find “Interior Light” and check it. [Video] 3D Pen Printing Artwork – Hair Dryer, dashcam installation guide for Infiniti Q50, toner cartridge printing defects causes and solutions.

If unsuccessful, please double check if you press down the two buttons at the same time and give more tries and you will definitely succeed. Die Freischaltung des Hidden Menü, auch Green Menü genannt, muss einmalig Codiert werden. As you have now explained it is an MMI 3G Basic. How to rescue Bose audio system after firmware update? Press the big rotary knob and the next screen will appear. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. It is BBT_EU_K0029_1_D1 I did not proceed further until I clarify. I have an Audi A8L with RSE Entertainment System. When browsing the Audi MMI 3G hidden green menu stay away from Bootloader options unless you know exactly what you’re doing. If you’re asking me to upload VCDS software then sorry, but it can not be done. Sorry only had the car 24hrs so have no idea what I’m doing? In VCDS enter into module 5F, click to match (10), and fill in 06 in the channel; after successful reading,  change the original reading 0 to 1, save and exit. [3rd Generation] Jeep Dash Cam Exclusively Designed for Grand Cherokee | Cherokee | Compass, [Print Rite] Brother Toner Cartridge TN 420, TN 2210, TN 2260 Black With High Yield 1200 Pages For Brother Printers HL-2240, HL-2240D, HL-2270DW, HL-2280DW, MFC-7240, MFC-7460DN, MFC-7860DW, [CoLiDo] 3D Delta Printer Colido D1315 with Fast Printing Speed And High Printing Resolution, [CoLiDo] 3D Pen LT - For Kids Artwork With Low Temperature For Beginners.

Hi UK specification from 2008 Audi A6 brochure. I’m trying to perform this function using a bluetooth obdII and an OBD terminal app on my android. Many Thanks, Albert. My vehicle is equipped with the MMI screen as well as Navigation. You can reset oil reminder with MMI, but not the service reminder. 4.

2014 cars most likely have 3G+ system, where you should use CAR and MENU buttons. Car is 2011 Q7 with MMI. 1st – my dab radio function has disappeared just have normal am-fm now? Aktivierung Hidden Menü A4 B9 []. 3. battery power To perform this procedure you need a interface that communicates in CAN standard.. Audi MMI hidden green menu gives you access to lots of interesting settings, features and diagnostic data. This feature would be more practical in the summer, set the timer for ventilation, then the cooling effect will be very good, although in winter there are auxiliary heating function, but only the engine warm-up, in the morning before you want to drive your own car to make good hot or not implemented. Please make sure that your Audi Multi Media Interface software version is up to date. Hi Mr fix, what car? 8.

You’ll have to use diagnostic interface to recode steering wheel module and transmission. Everything seems to be working normally, but why am I not able to enable the access to hidden menu? 13. the steering assist fog But no hidden green menu pops up :-\. You might also receive some discount code after 5 minutes :). Update your MMI software, make sure that hidden menu is enabled with diagnostic interface, make sure to press buttons in correct order. 03276 – Please Check Software Version Management – How to remove? a. select module 5F Hi Mr Fix I have an audi a6 le mans edition u.k spec and I have put on the battery meter and the date and time, ambience light and also the service intervall have gone any ideas please reply as soon as possible. I have checked the MMI software version which is SW Ver BBT_EU_K0029_1_D1. Some versions will have less or different options then described. – Types of Audi navigation systems, How to update maps Audi MMI 3G Plus / 3G High, Enabling audi mmi hidden green menu – MMI 3G – script & VCDS, MMI 2G High – How to enable hidden green menu. Can I turn off the auto leveling headlight function for my 2015 Audi q3? Audi navigation systems – MMI RNS BNS RMC differences, Your email address will not be published. if i switch of these , will stop I don’t have much experience when it comes to firmware update in MMI 3G. Also have you enabled hidden menu first with diagnostic interface? I just got a RossTech VCDS and decided to start on my Audi A6 Avant 2.0 TDIe early 2009 to unlock the MMI 2G (?) After you restart MMI system you will see the new new start up picture. I do not have a “SETUP” button on my console. It has DSP but no Bose or any other upgrades etc. Depending on your cars made year you can have older RNS-E system, newer Audi Concert. It’s probably worth mentioning that I just retrofitted the buzzer & button to activate the graphic displayed for the rear (only) PDC. VCDS method: Go to block 5f > Adaption > Jump to channel 6 and add new value 1 then click TEST and after SAVE. Please go back to the original coding or recode the whole car according to your optional equipment and region. Select “17” – the dashboard, and then “10”, fill in 77 in the channel, after the reading, fill in the new data 255, and save the setting. I’m stuck. Hidden menu must be enabled. You can check if there’s an update available for your navigation system that will bring new languages to you. Can I still retrofit bluetooth fir musicstreaming? I have a problem in my mmi of a8 D4 2015. MMI 3G Conversion from US to EU – How to do it? I saw the mic kit on eBay but I have gone all over chasing wires and can not find anywhere to plug the mic in to the mmi 3G system or the Bluetooth module it’s a 2011 q7. "additional map cursor" zeigt im Navi neben dem Normalen Pfeil einen Grünen Pfeil für die letzte GPS-Position und einen Roten für die errechnete Koppelnavigation. Hi, do you know if i can aktivate the oil temp and boost meter in the green menu? Are there more solutions to enter this menu? -doesnt want to unlock using remote key , only from door lock manual , after this is working from remote now when I push media is loading all setting/media I have tv function (me car don’t have tv install) cd/st card/dvd is missing.:(. Hello! Features that you mentioned can be activated with diagnostic interface, not with hidden menu. If so then how? This post refers to MMI system. hidden menu. You can customize lots of user interface details and enable some optional features. Hi Mr Fix Hi Thank you. Many Thanks. Do you have your hidden menu enabled first with diagnostic interface? I believe the range was 0-10. Step 1. Audi MMI 3G hidden green menu can be used to change coding & adaptation of Module 5F – MMI 3G Control Head, enable some user interface features and tweak user experience.

I have an Audi A5 3 door black edition on a 64 plate. I can’t get into the green menu. I have the ross-tech cable with vcds, but according to this i can engage VIM through the secret menu?

It can have 3G or 3G+, depends on the equipment variant. How to update firmware in Audi MMI 3G Plus / High / Basic / Mib, How to check what MMI do I have?

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