Here are the best ones for both attacking and defending during gameplay. Her ability to figure out where a Defender is with her Logic Bomb and then frag grenade it herself is pretty powerful in and of itself, but that isn't even the most important buff she's received in recent months.

Hibana is a great breaching option. Except her health boost affects the entire team. So, I took on the challenge to figure out who are the five best attackers in the game. Buy Now. Gridlock’s Trax are great for both Bomb and Secure Area; providing a means of defending the diffuser on Bomb and a means of blocking entrances on the later. It can also equip an ACOG scope, which is preferred. The EE-ONE-D only has two charges, so Lion players need to time their scans just right. The Norwegian Armed Forces brought him into a new world of achievement. The game has an incredible amount of systems unique to it, maps that are more complex than just about any other game out there, and enough Operators and gadgets to keep players learning for a long time. Capable of flashing entire rooms on entry.

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The stun grenade can be paired up with the X-KAIROS for the perfect breach. Below operators, however, can support their team in virtually any situation. Aqua Breacher, water is the name of the game. While no Rainbow Six: Siege attack operator or playstyle is limited to a specific role, understanding the roles they play will increase the chances of victory. It's now much easier to handle and allows her to take those 1v1 gunfights with a lot more confidence than before.

This is an independent, unofficial site. Ideally, they follow a teammate’s drone as they enter, feeding them information on the location of the defending team. The F90 is one of the best guns in the game, offering minimal recoil and great handling. But what’s most useful is Capitão’s Tactical Crossbow. Starting things off, Blackbeard is an operator who benefits from his decent armor rating and his two rifle-shields.

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He’s arrogant, brash, and self-interested.

RELATED: The 5 Most Powerful Rainbow Six Siege Operators (& 5 You Can Use To Counter Them). In addition to the shot caller, or in-game leader, here are a few other operator roles to help understand an attacking team composition. It takes a certain kind of person to put themselves on the frontline of disaster relief services, and at first glance Specialist Håvard “Ace” Haugland doesn’t fit the profile. in Rainbow Six Siege | Nov, 5th 2018. Her KS79 LIFELINE consists of two impact and concussion grenades.

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