Here’s my situation — I was in the Amazon Alexa org for exactly 1 year in 2016 as an L7. Jane would have to face off against her boss, each (separately) going point-by-point through his disappointments with her performance, while the other Amazon employees watching decided who made the better case.

But a woman named Jane, who works at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle, came clean recently about her experience. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I refuse to accept that? my quit been processed correctly would my rehire window be different? It's a workforce the same size as if every man, woman and child in the city of Atlanta worked for them. Amazon recruiters strung me along on a couple interviews for ops manager roles but would fall off communications for weeks at a time. (As you might recall, Amazon vehemently objected to the Times report.). If you were to leave, what would be the reason? After previously being told that her work performance wasn't good enough, she was called into a meeting with her manager and someone from HR.

Help job seekers learn about the company by being objective and to the point.

Amazon recruiters strung me along on a couple interviews for ops manager roles but would fall off communications for weeks at a time.

At least that’s what I’ve witnessed. Win or lose, if you stay with Amazon, there's a chance you wind up working for the same manager who just tried to get you fired. Please note that all of this content is user-generated and its accuracy is not guaranteed by Indeed or this company.

Your answer will be posted publicly. People who took less for the options to be rehired and being told sorry, we changed the rule, it’s retroactive and you can’t come back. When employees are placed in Pivot, they have the option of working with their manager and HR to improve with a clear plan forward, of leaving Amazon with severance, or of appealing if they feel they shouldn't be in the program. If you test positive for any drugs, you will not be hired by Amazon. Welcome. Fulfillment Centers, Sort Centers, Delivery Stations, etc. Amazon can rehired you if. my roommate worked for them, he got fired, and I had a panic attack cause he was vital to paying rent, I was venting in my panic to a friend, I was mad at his supervisor cause he claims she could help excise his late days due to snow, I said I wanted to get rid of her, have her fired, my "friend" was a lead and reported it and it's seen as me making a threat and they even said they thought I'd storm the building. I worked for Amazon in 2006 for a year and left as my manager wasn't happy with my performance. Amazon's rehire policy after resignation and applying to a completely different department on the other side of the country? User account menu • Rehire. I never felt I was above any work or better than anyone, but at my age and work experience it wasn't going to be a great career move to spend the next couple years trying to work my way up.

For the heck of it I decided to look at Amazon jobs again, and applied for a Prime Now Shopper job at a nearby Whole Foods and immediately got a contingent offer.

It's when they share that list with other employers, letting them know without your consent, "Not eligible for Rehire", that it becomes a Blacklist. to be honest my major goal was to work for Twitch, but it's an Amazon subsidiary, so they share that data... You can't be fired for having a medical condition. I used to work in a call center, but I was let go for phone use, I accept that I did somethind wrong, but now it seems I'm ineligible for rehire. What are the steps along the ….

She chose the three non-managers. In some fulfillment centers, Amazon conducts random drug tests. I explained I never abandoned work and filled out paperwork and handed in my badge. No. What happened? Being one of the best multi-national technology firms around, they must adhere as strictly as possible to standard hiring practices, including drug test administration. That’s pretty commendable.

So I worked two days for Amazon as one of the new logistics drivers. So it makes sense that Amazon is trying to come up with new ways to manage so many people. "It's a kangaroo court. Tomm is new day, be a better version of yourself, regardless of whether things are good or bad and GL! What tips or advice would you give to someone interviewing at I resigned at Amazon and was told that I would be eligible for rehire after 7 days. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Amazon has a zero-tolerance policy toward drug use. MVH is doing a horrible job atm so I wouldn't be surprised if they allow it.

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