If they were truly black and not brown or white then why don't we see equivalent black civilizations in southern and western Africa ? Then, once again G-d appeared to Abraham and told him to leave his father's home and native land for good, and go to the land of Canaan. At length Jehoiada thought it time to produce the lawful king to the people, trusting to their zeal for the worship of God and their loyalty to the house of David. A glance sufficed.

Athaliah, 2:K.11:1-21:2; 2 Chron, 22;10-23:6. | GotQuestions.org. Nimrod came from Cush another of Ham's four son's

Miraculously the angel Gabriel saved the baby boy. Not only does she remain nameless, but her very existence is only hinted at in the Torah. Reply, Terah and the servant's baby Reply, In the Torah the first person referred to as a Hebrew was Abraham. Gilgamesh and enkidu(nimrod and terah). Moses Store

Abraham, on the other band, whom G-d" had so wonderfully saved from the fire, was acclaimed by all the people, and they were ready to worship him. Reply, sacrificing babies to their gods was common practice for the evil babylonian empire. Once the Jewish people became a nation, the conversion process became relevant. Abraham is a descendant of Shem. What is consistent in all stories is validated, that which differs is questionable. He pointed out to him, moreover, that his life was also in danger, for Nimrod would not spare him. Abraham, and his remaining brother Nahor, married two sisters, their nieces, the daughters of their brother Haran. By birth, Nimrod had no right to be a king or ruler. (According to one tradition he was born in the month of Nissan; according to another, in the month of Tishrei).

Here the king's stargazers at once recognized Abraham as the one about whom they had warned the king. Kush was the son of Ham, the lowest and least important of Noah 's three sons. Reply, This is a compilation culled from the Bible and the Midrashic commentaries (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS NIV), 2 Chronicles 24:7For the sons of Athaliah, that wicked woman, had broken up the house of God; and also all the dedicated things of the house of Yahweh did they bestow on the Baals. Instead of sending his real son to the king, he sent the baby of a slave who was born on the same night as Abraham, and Nimrod killed the baby with his own hands, believing that he was now safe from the threat. Reply, Well I asked because there is some information saying Japheth might have been the one called the first Hebrew and other information saying Magog WAS. It so happened that one of his servants had given birth to a boy about the same time as his own son was born. Question: "What was Abraham’s religion before God called him?" Reigned 6 years and was slain when Joash became king.

Terah was taken to task for deceiving the king, and he put the blame on his older son Haran, who was 32 years older than Abraham. But Nimrod had nothing to fear from Terah, his most loyal and trusted servant. Haran had secretly followed Abraham, but he was not quite sure whether he was wise in doing so. Privacy Policy | Reply, Re: abraham I wondered if Esau's generation saw Nimrod and was Abraham alive to know it's his grandson that killed Nimrod?

She inherited her mother's strength of will, and like her developed a fanatical devotion to the cult of the Zidonian Baal. It was at the end of this period, when he was 48 years old, while still at Noah's house, that Abraham heard about the world-shattering event of the Tower of Babel, which took place in the land of Shinear, where Nimrod reigned supreme. ?.Also, interesting to note, "White" men were never identified by ancient Egypt. He had twelve chief gods, one for each month of the year, and other idols. .../a/athali'ah.htm - 11k, Jehoash (28 Occurrences)...Athaliah was taken by surprise when she heard the shout of the people, "Long live the king;" and when she appeared in the temple, Jehoiada commanded her to be .../j/jehoash.htm - 32k, Jehosheba (2 Occurrences)... Yahweh is an oath"): Called "Jehoshabeath" in 2 Chronicles 22:11; daughter of Jehoram king of Judah, possibly by a wife other than Athaliah (2 Kings 11:2 .../j/jehosheba.htm - 8k, Ahazi'ah (33 Occurrences)... reigned one year in Jerusalem. (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS NIV), 2 Kings 11:13When Athaliah heard the noise of the guard and of the people, she came to the people into the house of Yahweh:(WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS NIV), 2 Kings 11:14and she looked, and behold, the king stood by the pillar, as the manner was, and the captains and the trumpets by the king; and all the people of the land rejoiced, and blew trumpets.

Nimrod came from a line which was cursed by Noah: "Cursed be Canaan, a slave of slaves shall he be unto his brothers.". I love this great information !!

It sounds good though. Reply. The First Patriarch in the... Is There Evidence of Abraham's Revolution. No one, not even her husband, became suspicious that she was pregnant. Terah was an idol worshipper, like his king, and their chief god was the Sun. Abraham's activities, in words and deeds, aroused Nimrod's anger. Reply, Each nation has its own story of origin but almost always mentioned about the Great Father or God who created them. With the Book of Ki before him, it was not necessary to do more than extract from the ancient records such particulars as had not hitherto appeared.

CHAT or LEAVE A MESSAGE. Reply, Source Documents?

Terah was the eighth generation removed, in a direct line of descendants from Shem.

The first month of the Jewish calendar. He pointed out to him, moreover, that his life was also in danger, for Nimrod would not spare him. Amathlaah was the mother of Abraham. According to a user from Israel, the name Amathlaah means "Is the name of Abraham's mother". In the Sefer Hayashar, he is said to be 32 years older than Avraham. ath-a-li'-a (`athalyah; meaning uncertain, perhaps, "whom Yahweh has afflicted"; 2 Kings 8:26; 2 Kings 11 2 Chronicles 22, 23):1. Reply, Shalom.. my question is : In this section, Avraham stated as Terah's first born after longing for so long time. I come to this site often for my college assignments. Athalyah -- daughter of Ahab, also three Israelites, History Of Egypt, Chaldaea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, V 7, (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS NIV), Who was Athaliah in the Bible? He thought that he would come out openly on Abraham's side, if and when Abraham would come out victorious. In the seventh year a counter-revolution was planned.

Reply, I love this history, I want to know more of it, the article is not complete God planted that seed of curiosity in our brains, in our souls, to seek for the truth. This it is which has chiefly given rise to the charge of variations in the two narratives. AskMoses.com © 2020. Little did he know that it was not Terah's son who was brought to die, but a servant's. Support Ask Moses | background-color:#5cbf2a; Reply, No, the Hebrew word for “Hebrew” (which is “Ivri”) doesn’t have to do with the Hebrew word for “Hebron” (which is “Khevron”). (WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS NIV), 2 Chronicles 23:12When Athaliah heard the noise of the people running and praising the king, she came to the people into the house of Yahweh:(WEB KJV JPS ASV BBE DBY WBS YLT NAS NIV), 2 Chronicles 23:13and she looked, and, behold, the king stood by his pillar at the entrance, and the captains and the trumpets by the king; and all the people of the land rejoiced, and blew trumpets; the singers also played on instruments of music, and led the singing of praise. His mother's name was Athaliah the daughter of Omri king of Israel. So Terah gave up his high position at Nimrod's court, and decided to go with Abraham to the land of Canaan, where they would be free to worship G-d, out of reach of Nimrod.

No.The racism and personal interpretation into this is real. In this way no less than seventy thousand boys were said to have been murdered. Packed full of adventure and eye-opening insights, children can explore the wonders of G-d's creations in "In Nature's Wonderland," discover leaders of our people in "Gallery of our Great," and much more. Reply, We should not judge until we are in the exact same place as those we are judging. See CHRONOLOGY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. Black history is the first history! Treason! Though ignored in the Torah, one Midrashic legend relates that Amathlai became pregnant with Abraham at the very time that Nimrod learned that a boy would be born soon and this boy wouldsuccessfully rise up against him. And so, from the age of three years and on, Abraham knew that there was only one G‑d, and he was resolved to pray to Him and worship Him alone. she fled. ... 7.

Named after the Tribe of Canaanites who dwelt there at the time. (2 Chronicles 24:6) The child was brought up under Jehoiada's care, and concealed in the temple for six years, during which period Athaliah reigned over Judah. Nimrod thought it was mighty loyal of Terah to give up his only son, born to him in his old age. Both Abraham and his father were ordered to appear before the king. The Sages said that the reason they provided these names was to make this information available to those who engage in debates with the minim or sectarians [TB Baba Batra 91a].

Nimrod and his people wanted to build a tower that would reach up to heaven, so that they might establish their reign upon the heaven as well as on the earth. Reply, Who ever wrote this is not necessarily a racist, just ignorant or dishonest, or unschlorly, Noah did not curse Ham, just Canaan. Kehot Publication Society and Merkos Publications, the publishing divisions of the Lubavitch movement, have brought Torah education to nearly every Jewish community in the world, and are the world's largest publisher of Jewish literature. Talmudic verse serves as the bedrock of all classic and modern-day Torah-Jewish literature. These are important facts, for, as we shall see later, Abraham spent many years in the house of Noah and Shem, and received instruction from them. When the bible (Torah) says these people, it means them and them alone. When Athaliah, the mother of Ahaziah, learned that her son was dead, she rose and put to death all of Ahaziah's children except Joash, whom his aunt, Jehosheba ... //christianbookshelf.org/sherman/the childrens bible/the boy joash on the.htm, The Fall of the House of Ahab ... Ahaziah ruled only one year, and during this time, influenced by his mother, Athaliah, "his counselor to do wickedly," "he walked in the way of the house of ... /.../white/the story of prophets and kings/chapter 16 the fall of.htm, New Uses for Old Trophies ... Athaliah, daughter of Ahab, wife of Jehoram, king of Judah, the usurping queen of Judah, had played the tyrant for well-nigh seven years.

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