Flight attendant Nigel Ogden was taking a break on the flight deck on June 10, 1990, when an improperly installed panel of the windscreen on British Airways flight 5390 fell out, causing the pilot beside him to be sucked into the open gap. )[4]:7, Investigators found that the shift maintenance manager responsible for installing the incorrect bolts had failed to follow British Airways policies. BA Flight 5390, a BAC One-Eleven, was carrying 81 passengers and six crew at the time of the incident. Such a story of courage, skills, and not just a bit of luck, is far from isolated. At the controls were Captain Tim Lancaster, 42, and his co-pilot, 39-year-old Alastair Atchison, both experienced flyers, and their take-off was routine.

[4] The aircraft also carried four cabin crew and 81 passengers. related info! They recommended that the CAA recognise the need for aircraft engineering personnel to wear corrective glasses if prescribed. He later told local media: "I have been flying for 30 years. did retire from BA at age 55, as everyone did in those days ! [4]:12 Investigators found that when the windscreen was installed 27 hours before the flight, 84 of the bolts used were 0.026 inches (0.66 mm) too small in diameter (British Standards A211-8C vs A211-8D, which are #8-32 vs #10-32 by the Unified Thread Standard) and the remaining six were A211-7D, which is the correct diameter but 0.1 inches (2.5 mm) too short (0.7 inch vs. 0.8 inch). During those harrowing minutes on Nov 4, 2010, debris from the plane fell on Batam in Indonesia, the New York Times reported. She credited her steady composure to her experience as one of the first female fighter pilots in the navy three decades ago, piloting the F/A-18 Hornet in an era when women were barred from combat missions. Part of a Airbus 320 plane, US Airways flight 1549, sticks out of the Hudson River near Battery Park City, where it was tied after it crashed in the river on 15 January 2009 in New York City. The whole top half of his body was dragged out of the plane, with only his legs remaining inside, caught on the flight controls.

5.300 m) bei einer Geschwindigkeit von 300 kn (556 km/h) erreicht hatte, wurde das linke Cockpitfenster aus der Verankerung nach außen gerissen. The left windscreen panel, on Lancaster's side of the flight deck, had separated from the forward fuselage; Lancaster was propelled out of his seat by the rushing air from the decompression and forced head first out of the flight deck. Pearson initially thought a fuel pump had failed but soon realized the engines had lost power, and was able to glide the Boeing 767-233 safely to an emergency landing at Gimli Industrial Park airport. Captain Burkill said in an interview with the BBC in February 2008: "I always think about it - as well as my wife - it will probably never leave me". That's pilot Tim Lancaster being sucked out of the plane -- the only thing keeping him from flying off into the distance and plummeting to his death was a flight attendant, who ran in and grabbed Lancaster by the belt. The flight attendants managed to free Lancaster's ankles from the flight controls while still keeping hold of him. The story PHOTO: FACEBOOK/ALDI HADINATA. [4]:52 The previous windscreen had also been fitted using incorrect bolts, which were replaced by the shift maintenance manager on a like-for-like basis without reference to maintenance documentation, as the plane was due to depart shortly. Atchison handled a routine take-off at 08:20 local time (07:20 UTC) then handed control to Lancaster as the plane continued to climb. The pilot of a British Airways jet that was forced to abandon its takeoff after an engine burst into flames has been lauded for averting a potential disaster. When the windscreen smashed on British Airways Flight 5390, the pilot Tim Lancaster was sucked out from the cockpit by the decompressed air. Then, disaster struck. Fortunately they held onto him in fear that his body might get sucked into the plane’s engine. The throttle was forced open, meaning that the plane was accelerating as it began to lose altitude. He returned to work after a break but suffered post-traumatic stress and took early retirement in 2001. Captain Eric Moody was commanding a London-to-Auckland British Airways Boeing 747 on June 24, 1982, when it encountered an ash plume from the erupting Mount Galunggung, south-east of Jakarta. By registering, you agree to our T&C and Privacy Policy. Many of the 144 passengers sang her praise on social media after Shults thanked them for their bravery as they left the plane. Lancaster survived with frostbite, bruising, shock, and fractures to his right arm, left thumb and right wrist. An improperly installed windscreen panel separated from its frame, causing the plane's captain to be blown partially out of the aircraft. Lancaster was treated for fractures to his right arm, left thumb and right wrist, as well as frostbite and shock.

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