With the help of its corporate staff which includes big name like Tony Khan AEW is constantly challenging WWE.

Tony Khan son of multibillionaire Shahid Khan serves as AEW's president and CEO. The MMA career of Hager sees him unbeaten in the Bellator promotion. Men's Wrestlers Adam "Hangman" Page "5" Alan … Owner of AEW is Shahid Khan, the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars, and his son Tony. Jim Ross revealed that AEW is currently looking to hire wrestlers that have reputations as hosses. The showdown between Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley may be the most hyped AEW Championship match yet. Awesome Kong was attacked by other members of the Nightmare Connection when Brandi Rhodes left the stable. He is also Executive vice president, His real name is Michael Cuellari. The whole roster isn't going to be exported to Japan, so chill people; it's the same way as any partnership goes, a handful will travel to Japan to fill up tournament cards, whereas a few young lions will do excursions in AEW. He is also Manager of Shawn Spears. The emergence of Jeff Cobb was another big surprise with AEW reportedly trying to get him under contract with the perk of still getting the freedom to work NJPW dates as well.

She is also Backstage interviewer, His real name is Noah Schiavone. Here are the names that are confirmed so far: AEW still strongly believes in them but are focused on other acts right now. He is also Coach and Head of talent relations, His real name is Nobuhiko Oshima. AEW Wrestling President Tony Khan who is backed by is father Sahid Khan are on right track to build a serious competitor to WWE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Kong hinted towards retirement in a few 2019 interviews.

He is also Audiovisual director, His real name is Rafael Morffi. Pro wrestling is his strongest passion with a lifetime fandom and countless live shows attended. Many names have been rumored for the role as it could be a full-time wrestler or a retired personality. If this is the start, AEW will benefit from having her as a coach but will miss her star power in the women’s division. Looking for all the latest on All Elite Wrestling? He is also President of OWE, His real name is Cody Rhodes.

His real name is Marc Letzmann. The selling point for Cody vs Chris Jericho at Full Gear was that Cody would never be allowed to challenge for the AEW Championship again if losing.

The Inner Circle has remained strong with the same members of Chris Jericho, Jake Hager, Sammy Guevara, Santana, and Ortiz. She is also Lead hair and make-up artist, Her real name is Tanea Brooks.

Shop AEW. Breaking their own stipulations this early would be a bad sign. 5 . All Elite Wrestling, which was formally announced in early 2019, has revealed its initial roster of stars, and it's loaded with some very interesting names in the pro wrestling industry--including a couple of notable faces from WWE. Joey is a writer with a decade of experience writing about sports, entertainment, and pop culture. Both wrestlers have credible reputations for winning. Unfortunately, there are few wins on the board for Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Marko Stunt. Updated All Elite Wrestling Roster | AEW Wrestlers. AEW has been in headlines from the day one of its debut and now Dean Ambrose who happens to be one of the many high-profile WWE stars have made the switch, a list which includes Chris Jericho, Dustin Rhodes (Goldust), Cody Rhodes etc. So lets have a look at ALL ELITE WRESTLING roster. AEW stands for All Elite Wrestling, a professional wrestling promotion founded in 2019. Your destination for AEW wrestling news and rumors. NEXT: AEW Revolution: 5 Reasons Jon Moxley Should Become World Champion (& 5 Reasons Chris Jericho Should Retain). Hangman ended up finding more popularity with fans loving his new character who doesn't care about friends' opinions, and who just wants to win matches and drink beer. Find the updated AEW Roster of all the AEW male wrestlers, AEW female wrestlers and commentators who will be featuring in AEW 2020. She is also Brand coordinator, Her real name is Olivia Hasler. These are the potential free agents we'd most like to see them sign. By Shawn S. Lealos Dec 31, 2019. She is also Lead seamstress, His real name is Shawn Carr. We will look at some of the most fascinating rumors about AEW right now that could lead to bigger changes. After the success of All In event Pay-Per-View event Cody Rhodes & Young Bucks are going full fledged or "All In" to make AEW an equal in wrestling entertainment industry which is dominated by WWE currently. The current level of success for AEW is seeing the promotion continue to develop a loyal audience. AEW would add the right member to the Inner Circle if they have the right chemistry with Jericho and does something different than the rest of the group.

Chris E. Hayner

The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, Every Two-Time Champion In NXT History, Ranked, 10 Rumors About AEW That Could Change The Landscape, top stars for the company along with new talents, AEW: 10 Worst Things MJF Ever Did (In Wrestling), 10 WWE Superstars Who Would Be Better Off In AEW, AEW: 10 Things Fans Should Know About Awesome Kong, AEW Revolution: 5 Reasons Jon Moxley Should Become World Champion (& 5 Reasons Chris Jericho Should Retain), 5 Ways Finn Balor Is Better As A Heel (& 5 Ways He's Best As A Face), Survivor Series: 5 Reasons The Concept Is Outdated (& 5 Reasons It's Still Relevant), 5 Ways AEW & WWE Are Run The Same Way (& 5 How They're Different), Cody Rhodes & 9 Other Wrestlers Who Started Their Own Promotions, The Young Bucks: Their 10 Best Matches, Ranked, 10 Best Years Of Chris Jericho's Career, Ranked, 5 Times Kevin Nash Was The Best Member Of The nWo (& 5 Times He Was The Worst), Every Version Of The Bullet Club, Ranked From Worst To Best, 10 WCW World Title Contenders That Had No Chance To Win, 10 Hidden Details Most Fans Missed About WWE Hell In A Cell 2020, 10 Backstage Stories About Nia Jax We Can’t Believe, 5 Times Edge Was The Best Member Of The Team (& 5 Times Christian Was), 5 Reasons Jon Moxley Was A Better WWE Champion (& 5 Reasons He’s A Better AEW Champion), The Golden Role Models & 9 Other Brutal Tag Team Betrayals, 10 Wrestlers Who Had Different Gimmicks In WWE & WCW, 5 Female Legends WWE Never Brought Back (& 5 Who Appear Too Much). The biggest rumor is Matt Hardy coming in with a huge role since his WWE contract just ended. Luke Harper, Brian Cage and Lance Archer are three names currently rumored to join AEW soon. Moxley is the hotter name right now with AEW fans in love with his new character. Cody getting back in the title picture could change the landscape in terms of the AEW's credibility. The term hoss typically describes bigger wrestlers who utilize their strength and size advantage to create a hard-hitting in-ring style.

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