2020 Honda FourTrax Rancher® 4X4 Reviews, Prices and Specs.

2020 Honda TRX420FM1 FourTrax Rancher (4X4, Camouflage) Prices . It often comes in handy when descending down the hill.

Unlike the manual gearbox, it ensures that you have an easy time shifting gears.

Which is why we offer eight models in Honda’s 2021 FourTrax Rancher lineup.

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your Honda Rancher working well for a long time. The second main shaft is placed over the initial main shaft and makes use of the second clutch. There are those that are a bit cheaper than others but with less features. Meets current EPA and CARB (California) off-road emissions standards. 2020 FourTrax Rancher SPECIFICATIONS - Honda Choice: It’s why restaurants have more than one item on the menu, or why you have more than one tool in your toolbox. 2020 FourTrax Rancher ACCESSORIES - Honda With eight models in Honda’s 2020 FourTrax Rancher lineup, it’s easy to get exactly the midsize ATV you’re looking for. Values Specifications Special Notes.

These speeds, however, can change depending on the rider’s weight, the nature of the landscape and the Honda Rancher 420 model you are riding. The price range is usually from $5,000 to slightly above $9,000.

Note: if your Rancher 420 has a winch you may need to partially remove it to access the VIN. Values Specifications Special Notes. DCT is the best transmission designed to increase the response of the Honda Rancher 420, reduce lagging of the engine and also ensure that the rider is always comfortable riding. DCT also makes use of a great technology that has a two-piece main shaft and two clutches. All rights reserved, Check Out This Insane Homemade ATV + Video, Exploring South Dakota’s Black Hills in a Yamaha Wolverine + Video, How To Replace a U-Joint on Your ATV or UTV + Video. Please provide us with the following required information: We will never share any of your information with other entities. So far the Honda Rancher has three different types of transmissions. The Honda Rancher 420 is a popular model of all-terrain vehicle(ATV) that that is commonly used for yard and farm work. To gain traction, Honda Rancher 420s utilize distinct tires, the front tires are 24x8-12, and the rear tires are 24x10-11 in size. This is a very unique type of transmission that is utilized by the 4x4 Honda Rancher 420s. To find out more, Older models may have it near the left foot area on the frame and others may have it on the frame opposite of where the exhaust is. Direct front and rear driveshafts with TraxLok® and torque-sensitive front differential, 615 pounds (includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel—ready to ride), 616 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel—ready to ride), 629 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel—ready to ride), Five-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission with reverse and Low/Drive sub-transmission, 676 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel—ready to ride), Independent double-wishbone; 7.28 inches of travel, Independent dual-arm; 8.46 inches of travel, 669 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel—ready to ride), Enter your email to receive a direct link to your configuration. It can be used by someone who has a leg problem or someone who has often finds it hard using legs to shift gears.

To ensure smooth transmission, all the gears are pre-shifted before power is supplied. Honda Rancher 420s typically have their VIN located between the headlights and right at the center of the front frame.

$4,835. 420cc liquid-cooled fuel-injected OHV wet-sump longitudinally mounted single-cylinder four-stroke, Full-transistorized type with electronic system, Independent double-wishbone; 6.69 inches of travel, Swingarm with single shock; 6.69 inches of travel, 580 pounds (includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel—ready to ride), 3.9 gallons, including 1.3-gallon reserve. Honda Rancher 420: Engine, Horsepower, Top Speed, Weight and More. This module monitors counter-shaft speed, engine rpm, shift spindle angle as well as shift drum angle.

The first clutch drives the initial main shaft gears. It's best to add a little less than this, let it run for a minute, and then check the oil level before adding more.

This doesn’t mean that they are extinct. The DCT transmission ensures fast gear shifting while maintaining the consistency of the vehicle’s shaft. Read my ATV price guide for more information about ATV values. get a quote on a new 2020 Honda FourTrax Rancher® 4X4 use our. The wheelbase is a sturdy 49.9" wide which is adequate for maintaining stability on a crooked landscape.

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The Honda Rancher 420 can be adjusted to the different terrains and conditions. Copyright © 2020 ATV. Low Retail. This in turn has had a positive impact on the performance of the Honda Rancher 420's newer models. This makes braking to become easy. Transferable limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan. The Honda Rancher 420 is available in several colors including a dark green that I think looks fantastic, as well as the traditional Honda red and popular camo. The transmission is usually semi-automatic, and it doesn’t come with a clutch.

cookie policy, Customize Your Ride with Honda Accessories, Stay up-to-date on the latest news from the FOURTRAX RANCHER. Base Price. With ESP, you get to enjoy a very significant component known as an Electronic Control Module or ECM. Honda Rancher 420 costs different amounts depending on the models. There is the manual or foot-shift transmission, the electric shift (ES) or the Electric shift program (ESP) and finally, there is the Dual clutch transmission (DCT) or the automatic transmission.

Below is a deep dive into the different types of transmissions. 2020 Honda TRX420FM1 FourTrax Rancher (4X4) Specs .

There are six different models of Honda Rancher 420, described below.

There are some few of these ranchers around, and there are also riders who have mastered their art and can perfectly maneuver the tracks incredibly well without any problems.

Average Retail.

These prices also tend to vary depending on the dealer you will purchase the vehicle from. Example; The 2020 Rancher ES 2×4 (TRX420TE1) makes a return as does the 2020 Rancher 4×4 EPS manual-shift model (TRX420FM2). It's also a good idea to perform an oil and filter change regularly as well as before you plan to leave for an extended trip. Transferable limited warranty; extended coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan, Full-transistorized type with electronic advance, 580 pounds (Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and a full tank of fuel—ready to ride).

They consist of the first, third and fifth gears. Honda built the Rancher 420 ATV to provide the best riding experience, regardless of the environment, and succeeded in part thanks to its independent 4x4 rear suspension.

Yes, there is a performance series exhaust that can boost effective horsepower and torque. If you would like to Liquid cooled, electronically fuel injected and ready to ride, it has the ability to race down the trail at a good speed. One of the most common Honda Rancher 420 model with the manual or foot-shift transmission is the TRX420FM1 model.

It also enables the rider to easily shift gears regardless of the terrain he is riding on.

Dependable and durable performance allows you take it for a trip in the woods or to use the ATV for a number of chores on the farmstead. This road beast also comes with a changeable drive system. The Rancher is powered by Honda’s 420cc longitudinally mounted, liquid cooled SOHC, fuel injected engine producing 26hp at a top speed of 51 mph. Get the latest Honda FourTrax Rancher® 4X4 reviews, and 2020 Honda FourTrax Rancher® 4X4 prices and specifications. It is more sophisticated than the other forms of transmission and also the latest.

There are several popular places that can help you find and buy your Honda Rancher 420. This is one of the primary features that set the Honda Rancher 420 apart during day to day usage.

This is why most riders tend to avoid the Honda Rancher 420 with this transmission. It is both light and nimble for riders of any size weighing only 615lbs. This is one of the most popular transmissions that is preferred by a number of riders. Honda built the Rancher 420 ATV to provide the best riding experience, regardless of the environment, and succeeded in part thanks to its independent 4x4 rear suspension.

Honda is skimping on available 2020 Rancher 420 pictures at this time. © 2006 - 2020 by ATV Style, All Rights Reserved, Rancher 420 Engine: 420cc Liquid-cooled, OHV, 4-stroke, Transmission: 5-speed w/reverse(ES model), Honda Rancher 420 top speed(stock) 55 MPH, Honda Rancher 420 Seat Height: 34,9 Inches, Overall dimensions: 82.8"L x 47.4"W x 46.2"H. For more about VIN information check out my ATV VIN Number guide. I don't recommend trying to add many performance parts besides the exhaust and tires, however, or you will likely reduce the lifespan of the engine and/or transmission. Some of my favorite places to pick up a used ATV, besides the traditional ebay, craigslist, facebook and kijiji for you Canadian riders is motorsportuniverse.com, ATV Trader and Tractor house, among many other places.

Values Specifications Special Notes. It's a great quad right out of the crate, stock.

A rev limiter prevents the ATV from going faster. Do not overfill!

The stock Honda Rancher 420 has a top speed of approximately 55mph. This type of transmission is rare, and so it is hard to come by a Honda Rancher 420 that utilizes it.

The five automatic gear transmission with reverse included makes DCT reliable, durable, and very convenient. Below is the information on the 2020 Honda FourTrax Rancher® 4X4. Values Specifications Special Notes. The Rancher 420 is manufactured with a 420cc horsepower single-cylinder engine.

$6,999. It comes with an updated dual shift logic that makes the ATV to adapt to different terrains. Enter your ZIP code below to search for ATV dealers near you. These different transmissions are found in different Honda Rancher 420 models and is the focal feature that makes them completely different from each other. These features, and many others, have given the Honda Rancher 420 a trustworthy reputation and strong following over the years, it remains competitive on the for sale and after-market classifieds. For new Honda Rancher 420 you can buy them from Honda dealers all over the country. The fact that this transmission is fully automated means that the vehicle knows how to engage the right gear at the right time. No operator under age 16. When going at speeds more than 2 miles per hour, a neutral lockout function will engage.

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